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    VIP Bank Inc. Confirmed Scam

    BEWARE: This scam HYIP stole $125K from us. They are a very sophisticated group whose website is still online. Do not invest here. After all attempts to contact the admin, we reported them to the British Virgin Islands authorities, where they claim to be registered.

    Before we invested, we did a thorough search using all the tools at our disposal. We could find nothing derogatory anywhere. We invested $25K as a group of 6, as a test, and the payments came like clockwork, 20 of them. Then 2 members of the group sent in $100K based on the excellent payment history. That turned out to be the kiss of death. Payments on the smaller account stopped and none was ever paid on the larger account.

    I have had reports of others having lost as much as $250K. This is a very sophisticated group. We are not amateurs and were taken.
    Last edited by ibjulieb; 07-14-2010 at 12:57 PM. Reason: Authorities have requested communications from them not be posted during investigation.

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    Re: VIP Bank Inc. Confirmed Scam

    You sent them 125k..

    Please tell us, how did this process start?

    I mean, how were you sold? Friend, salesman??


    Sorry about your loss
    Len Who?? Who is this Len character you guys keep talking about?

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    Re: VIP Bank Inc. Confirmed Scam

    I have a brilliant idea regarding investing. I know this may seem new and novel, but it's worth a try.

    How about checking out a company BEFORE you send them money.

    In these dark days of the internet you might actually have to type a few words rather than just picking up the phone and making a couple of calls.

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