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    Parker & Boyd - Mideast Oil Issue

    Share issue from MIDEAST OIL handled by so called PARKER & BOYD in Japan.

    IT IS A TRAP !!

    Beware !!

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    Re: Parker & Boyd - Mideast Oil Issue

    Yes, run away from Parker and Boyd, Dave Mayer Group and Talbot Reese. There is an extensive blog on these 'companies' since 2008 till 2010. A recent ploy, saying to assist in the recovery of money, includes a R Securities company in USA.

    Before Mideast Oil shares, the scamming scheme involved or surreal Tricoastal Oil and Gas, Additron Technologies, DNTI, Denko Group and Dynatech Inc. in Seoul.

    Beware of all these names and don't send your money that way.

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    Lost money to scam? This system gives $5,000 from $500, after 3 years & some more thereafter. See proof | My Poem on Scams

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