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    Re: Info on LogoWear Direct

    Anyone that wishes to actually be a sales rep for a company that has been in the biz for 35 years? No scam. No costs to you(other than your time). You should have at least 5 years experience in outside sales.
    Send your resume to [email protected]

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    Re: LogoWear Direct

    Bumping again. The latest Google ads include the "Cash Gifting" scam.

    One of the problems with Googles Ads is they target sites that oppose the product/opportunity/program/etc.


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    logowear direct

    I just finished reading all of the post about this company and am I glad I did. I was involved with them about 2-3 years ago. I never sold the first order. I invested a lot of money in this too. I can't lay all the blame on them since I was working full time and trying to do this on the side.BUT i was always shot down by lower prices. LWD is HIGHer than a cats back.
    I was actually thinking about giving it another try until I read all of these posts. I will NOT be back on the LWD bandwagon.
    Since Income at Home is now being advertised on major radio programs, it has instant credibility so I am going to give that a try. If Dr, Laura, whom I admire and respect deeply ,and Sean Hannity, the same ,along with RUSH ,endorse this business,that's good enough for me. You do have to work these things folks. You can't order it and expect to be able to sit there and do nothing. If you do nothing, nothing happens.
    All the best to all of you, and God bless,:

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