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    Freedom of Speech or Defamation?

    If someone has a bad experience with a company, and that person decides to post their experience on scam.com or other related sites, do you think that it is Freedom of Speech or Defamation?

    I believe that's it's Freedom of Speech.

    What do you think?
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    Re: Freedom of Speech or Defamation?

    I think it would depend entirely upon the experience. For example: If you sign a 3 year contract with XYZ Company for services rendered and 6 months later ABC Company comes along and offers you a better rate. You apply to XYZ Co. for a review and you are not elligible because you can only be reviewed after your 1st 12 months (per the contract). You get pissed and cancel your account and go with ABC Co. Well... XYZ Co. charges you a 500.00 Early Termination Fee (per your contract). You are not a happy camper so you tell the world you were scammed... Freedom of Speech or defamation? While you may have a right to tell the world you were scammed the fact is you were not. You were held to a contract that you signed. You are defaming XYZ Co.


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