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    Anyone Heard Of Kerry Hemmingsen?

    He is a real estate foreclosure expert

    and I received his offer for a starter kit

    that includes a book, dvd, cd and special

    report for $9.95

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    Re: Anyone Heard Of Kerry Hemmingsen?

    nothing is $9.95. that could be and is a very likely is a "free trial" scam. as soon as they get your card number they will start charging you a big monthly membership fee. they won't answer the phone when you try to cancel and your credit card won't refund for memberships or e-books.

    some credit cards have temporary virtual card numbers you can use for an online purchase. it can only be used once and then it doesn't exist any more. you might use that if you want this package, or a check, perhaps.

    you should also have an email address just for this. you will likely be placed on a sucker list of people that want to hear about money making opportunities. you don't want all that crap coming to the same email that you use for real business or family communications.
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    Re: Anyone Heard Of Kerry Hemmingsen?

    Run away!!!!

    I've had the unfortunate pleasure to do business with Mr Hemmingsen and he is a total sleeze.

    This foreclosure expert had to file bankruptcy to keep his own home from going to foreclosure auction. Would you really take his advice?

    Seriously, I've been the victim of fraudulent activities on the part of this guy. I had a couple of attorneys review my situation and said that I had grounds for a lawsuit, but the legal fees would outweigh what I might recoup from him. I personally know 2 other people that were nearly taken by his deception.

    In addition, his previous enterprises have been the subject of investigation and lawsuits by government agencies. Given that track record, I would suggest you avoid him like the plague.

    If you want to learn about foreclosures, find someone ethical that has been doing it for years, take them to lunch and pick their brain.

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    Re: Anyone Heard Of Kerry Hemmingsen?

    Don't run sprint away!!!!

    I've also had the unfortunate experience of doing business with Mr. Kerry Hemmingsen. He is unethical, dishonest and a real sleezeball. I've have also been the victim of his fraudulent activities.

    He worked through Windermere in Bellevue, WA and it is hard to believe Windermere would allow this agent to work under their name, but then again the Broker was making huge fees so I guess it made it easier for him to wear blinders. I witnessed Mr. Hemmingsen and his associates breaking many real estate licensing laws as well as legal laws.

    You may or may not make any money with an association with him, or you could get ripped off like I and others have. Either way, why would you want to put yourself in the presence of someone who has such low moral character. My advice - Stay away. If you want to get involved with foreclosures there are other companies that are more ethical to deal with.

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