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    Joy Financial Services Scam?

    I have not found anything on the Internet about this company. But I have had a bad experience with them. They OKed me for a VISA card with a credit line of $19000.00 if I put up $1900. You could also send in less and your line of credit would be equal to the percentage less that you sent in. So I sent in $500 expecting to get a line of credit of $5000.

    After many phone calls and emails, I have never heard from them again. They took my money and they are in Canada, so there is no running after them. Be aware of Joy Financial Services at www.joyfinancialservices.com and use at your own risk.:zx11pissed:

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    domain: joyfinancialservices.com
    created: 09-Mar-2010

    they never say who they are or where they are. everybody is somewhere.

    there is no security on the application.


    who ever they are, they don't care about keeping your personal info secure.

    the webhost is:

    OrgName: 1&1 Internet Inc.
    OrgID: 11INT
    Address: 701 Lee Rd
    Address: Suite 300
    City: Chesterbrook
    StateProv: PA
    PostalCode: 19087
    Country: US

    RAbuseName: 1and1 Abuse Department
    RAbusePhone: +1-877-206-4253
    RAbuseEmail: [email protected]

    they have to know who is paying for the website but to get that name, you will have to file a criminal charge for the theft of your money, or a civil suit for return of your money.

    how did you send the money? to who? where?
    (not western union or moneygram, i hope?)
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    Re: Joy Financial Services Scam?

    I sent them a cashiers check from my bank.

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    Re: Joy Financial Services Scam?

    the payee on the check was? the company? nope. because there is no company, is there?

    for the future, a website is not a company. a website is like a magazine ad. it doesn't matter what they promise unless you can locate the person that will make that promise good.

    hey joy? you out there? come here and tell us how this man can get his credit card or his deposit back!
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    Re: Joy Financial Services Scam?

    I sent them a cashiers check from my bank.
    Contact your bank, explain to them what happened, maybe they can cancel the check or attempt to get your money back.
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    Re: Joy Financial Services Scam?

    offering a card for 10% security just doesn't make sense.

    if they say, okay, you got $10000 limit if you pay $1000, it is the same as if they gave you a $9000 limit. exact same risk.

    i am calling this one a

    S C A M !

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    Re: Joy Financial Services Scam?

    How easily such companies eat away your money and survive without getting penalized! Thanks for this thread dear..

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    Re: Joy Financial Services Scam?

    Guys I had a somewhat similar experience with this company. I applied for a card with them and I needed to send in $450 of the approved $9000 credit limit. so i sent in a cashiers check to the adress provided and was expecting a card within the promised 4 weeks after about 4 weeeks I contacted them and i was told my card is on the way i should wait a few more weeks. I got nervous and ask them to cancel my application and send my money back. I received a confirmation emailing confirming this would be done. after waiting 3 months or so i still did not receive my money back. I emailed I called, without no direct answers or ability to speak directlty to customer service rep. I then started researching them and could not find anything negative on them or any direct contact phone number for them. So I told my cousin whom is an attorney who happen to have had a card from the same company. i asked him for the customer service number on the back of his card and i was able for the first time to speak to someone live. I was told that my check was mailed out and should be in my mail shortly. sure enough the next week I received a check for $914.00 apparently $14 for interest. It took a while but i think its because they are a smaller sized issuer they focus on their current clients. Im not sure what happened in jay's case I wish i was still speaking with my cousin so i can get him that toll free number. I think he should maybe write to them and try to speed up the process of gettin his money back. P.S. i would think that by posting there name on a scam site may put you in a legal battle with them and may explain why they are not directly communicating with you jay. maybe they are prepping a legal case against you. im assuming you may be costing them some business

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