Does this sound right? I am on totaldisability with SSC and have had United HealthInsurance in FL as my primary. Two years ago they stopped covering my medical bills, claiming that Medicare should be paying. Medicare refused saying I was not yet qualified. I called my former employeer QWEST Communications Co. and they have no employees handling disabled reired former employees. SO now I have thousands of dollars in unpaid health bills and my credit rating does not exist. On May of 2010 Medicare Parts A and B kicked in. So now UHC says I must pay $30.00 co-pay same as before and Medicare must make first payment with UHC throwing in 2.80 per visit. With Medicare my co-pay is $15.00. So now I am paying $111.00 a month to UHC and also paying them $15.00 for every doctor visit. What kind of scam is this? Having a co-pay higher than the doctor charges. UHC is making out big time. I must carry this worthless, scaming outfit because my wife is terminal with about five years and o company will pick her up. Some day the State may get off it's lazy butt and approve her Disability but it has been three years and still no hearing. Her lawyer is another example of lazy and procrastinator. He waited for nine months to respond to an SSC request for medical records and only because we talke to the doctor's office. So here I sit paying an insurance everytime I see the doctor and living on nothing. Any thoughts on constructive action I could take.