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    Porter Goss Resignation Solved:



    May 25 2006--Venice,FL.
    by Daniel Hopsicker

    The “mystery” of Porter Goss’ resignation last month as CIA Director is apparently directly related to the huge seizure in Mexico several weeks earlier of over 5.5 tons of cocaine, according to government documents recently obtained by the The MadCowMorningNews.

    After Goss’s surprise resignation last month he told reporters his reason for resigning was "just one of those mysteries," offering no other explanation for his sudden departure after almost two years on the job.

    Goss’ resignation appears to be connected to the unprecedented withholding by the Federal Aviation Administration of the registration records for the DC9 (N900SA) which more than six weeks ago was caught carrying a cargo of five-and-a-half tons of cocaine, neatly packed into 126 identical black suitcases at a jungle airstrip in the Yucatan.

    At the time of the plane’s seizure on April 11, FAA officials stated the aircraft’s title records would become available to reporters within two weeks. Six weeks later that statement, in a phrase famous from the Watergate Scandal, has been rendered “inoperative.”

    CIA "front" company "Who's Who"
    However, the MadCowMorningNews was successful in obtaining the FAA records last week of the confiscated plane’s sister ship, an identical twin DC9 (N120NE) owned and operated by the same partnership. Both aircraft, painted to resemble U.S. Government aircraft from the Department of Homeland Security, were parked for several years at the general aviation terminal at Clearwater St Petersburg International Airport.

    The registration records reveal that the past 'owners' of "Cocaine One's" identical twin are well-known 'front' companies of America's Central Intelligence Agency.

    The twin to the DC9 bursting with 5.5 tons of cocaine is a CIA plane.

    The plane’s owners over the past two decades, in fact, comprise a virtual Who’s Who of aviation companies known to serve as “fronts” for the CIA, whose true identities came to light during the Iran Contra Scandal.

    Moreover, the FAA’s reluctance to release the registration of “Cocaine One,” which should already be a matter of public record, is the clearest possible indication that those registration records will disclose the same thing.

    5.5 tons cocaine... AND a missing $300 million?

    At least three companies to which “Cocaine One’s” twin was registered have been looted, to the overall tune of almost $300 million dollars. The plane's owners have left a trail of tears for investors, engaging in massive financial fraud, of a particular kind...

    Sociologists call it “state-sponsored crime.”

    Innocent investors and shareholders get swindled, the bad guys get away, and newspapers go silent. There is clearly something about these particular DC9’s which give their owners a license to treat shareholders and investors like marks, and steal millions from ordinary citizens.

    Working backwards from the present, the plane’s registered owner at the time it was busted was SkyWay Aircraft, the only tangible asset of SkyWay Communications Holding, a firm whose existence, as we’ve previously seen, served as nothing more than a meager excuse to run a penny stock fraud scam which bilked investors of a reported $40 million dollars... in less than three years.

    SkyWay shareholders will no doubt be gratified to learn that the bankruptcy of the firm seems not to have adversely affected the firm’s top officers financially.

    SkyWay’s 74 yr. old Chairman Glenn Kovar is currently building a six bedroom vacation chalet on a lake several miles north of Ducktown, Tennessee, tucked away in a picturesque rural setting boasting splendid whitewater rafting.

    What luck to be in Ducktown with a fellow "snuggle person"

    Kovar, apparently eager to beginning to fill the six bedrooms in his new manse, has an online dating profile which reveals, among other things, that he's eager to convey that he's a romantic kind of guy, the kind who likes to take long walks on the beach at sunset.

    The affect is somewhat marred by the fact he don't spell two good: “basicly i'm a romantic, touch and snuggle person,” Chairman Kovar enthuses.

    There is also this nugget, which we hope a prosecuting attorney someday asks him about, preferably under oath: “i'm fortunate to be a senior advisor to the us congress and have dined with the president.”

    Who might that be, Chairman Glenn? Do tell.

    Beyond mocking a man who needs mocking, in the same way Southern lawmen talk about a particularly brutal criminal who "needs killing," these details are important because, incredibly...

    Kovar and his son are preparing another scheme. A source in Ducktown contacted us after speaking with the obviously relaxed Glenn Kovar, and told us us Kovar and his son Brent are in business together in a new venture, working hand in hand with the Dept. of Homeland Security.

    The development is troubling, in the same way going to bed on an ordinary school night and waking up in Oz might be.

    In a world of uncertainty, a reliable record of shady self-dealing

    But SkyWay, which only lost $40 million of investor’s money, is an absolute paragon of excellence, corporate governance-wise, when compared to the DC9's previous owner...

    Genesis Aviation is one of several dozen company fronts, all of which contain the name “Genesis” in the title, controlled by one of the key figures in the Iran Contra scandal, Saudi billionaire and long-time CIA asset Adnan Khashoggi.

    Last month the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Khashoggi and Ramy Al Batrawi, his lieutenant for the past 20 years, with stock fraud in U.S. District Court for Central California. The men are accused of orchestrating a $130 million fraud involving the stock price of GenesisIntermedia.

    When the helpful Khashoggi worked with Oliver North to sell arms to Iran, Ramy El-Batrawi was there, as president of a Khashoggi company, Jetborne International, indicted for illegally ferrying TOW missiles to Iran, an “enterprise” which netted someone—though not the U.S. Government or the Contras it was supposedly funding—a tidy bit of change.

    Apparently neither man learned that crime doesn’t pay, because Adnan and Ramy’s recent pilferage make the Kovars look like kids stealing a candy bar from a 7-11 after school.

    “Just three months after the company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), the nearly $17 million raised in the offering was gone,” read one wire service story.

    “The creative dealings of defendant El-Batrawi partly explains how this money disappeared so quickly,” reported the AP.

    Making money disappear since before you were born

    “El-Batrawi had a side deal called "Trade Your Way to Riches," and he thus arranged to have its mailing lists sold to Genesis for $3.8 million of the proceeds lifted from the IPO. [CONT.]

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    Re: Porter Goss Resignation Solved:

    Additionally El-Batrawi gave himself $362,149 for flying himself around in his private plane to promote the deal on the IPO. road show.”

    Another area where Glenn and Brent Kovar might learn something from past master Khashoggi is how, in your financial fraud’s aftermath, to make yourself scarce…

    “Lawyers for Mr. El-Batrawi and Mr. Khashoggi could not be immediately located for comment,” reported the L.A. Times. “An SEC lawyer, Kara Brockmeyer, said the agency had not determined who their lawyers were. Mr. El- Batrawi has no listed telephone number in Los Angeles, and Mr. Khashoggi's whereabouts is not known, according to the complaint.”

    The SEC may be interested to learn what The MadCowMorningNews discovered El-Batrawi doing a year ago. The high-roller was spending millions gambling in Vegas, where he flew by private jet. The TV show “Casino Diaries” even profiled him in action.

    The DC9 has also been “owned” by Finova Capital, revealed in the early 90’s as a CIA front which also “owned” the C123 military cargo plane used by notorious drug smuggler and CIA pilot Barry Seal, which was later shot down over Nicaragua with Eugene Hasenfus onboard.

    The 5.5 ton DC9 flight: A tribute to Fawn Hall?

    The crash cracked open the Iran Contra Scandal, and inspired an ambitious burst of emergency damage control by Lt. Colonel Oliver North, who embarked on a three-day shredding spree reportedly designed to remove any trace of Barry Seal's name from his files.

    U.S. officials vehemently denied the plane belonged to the CIA.

    At the time the plane was registered to General John Singlaub’s Southern Air Transport. Much later, Southern Air Transport went bankrupt, and the proceedings revealed that the company had been owned by an entity called Finova Capital, a CIA front company set up in Arizona and headquartered in Canada to escape American financial disclosure requirements.

    By that time, in 1998, no one was paying any attention, so the CIA’s use of front companies had once again been successful.

    Before Finova, the DC9 belonged, or, to use the spook phrase, “been parked” with a company called Greyhound Leasing of Phoenix, AZ.

    Arizona: Fraud like Florida, but with a dry heat

    Greyhound during this time period also “owned” a Beech King Air used by CIA pilot and drug smuggler Barry Seal. After his death it became the favorite plane of then Texas-Governor George W. Bush.

    But no good deed goes unpunished, and Greyhound Leasing soon came up a little short. The company had somehow “misplaced” $120 million dollars.

    The company's accountants wrote that "fraudulent and dishonest acts . . . resulted directly in a loss of $119,684,598."

    That's just a few bribes short of $120 million dollars.

    Not so, replied the company's hapless general counsel, who responded weakly that the loss has been reduced to a mere $72 million.

    The massive fraud included checks written on napkins in Swiss restaurants and set afire after being cashed, the reported blackmailing, and sheepish looks all around.

    The troubling question which puzzled business reporters in Phoenix were never able to puzzle out was this: Why were they were giving money away down at Greyhound Leasing during the 1980's?

    While some poor schmuck in Utah gets 55 years for smoking pot...

    The disposition of the resulting criminal trial of the major player in the scheme is yet another illustration of the fact that, in America, being connected means never having to say you're sorry.

    When Sheldon Player was sentenced for stealing $55 million from Greyhound Leasing, he received a five-year sentence. That’s one year for each $13 million he stole, which is a deal that—were it offered to “ordinary” Americans—would have people lining up around Phoenix’s Federal Courthouses to sign up for.

    The company’s chairman, lucky fellow, never went to prison. Instead he resigned his position at Greyhound and had soon been appointed as the new president and chief executive officer of Finalco, an equipment finance and brokerage company based in Mclean, Virginia, the home of the CIA.

    This all began when Mexican soldiers arrested the Colombian co-pilot and the two Mexican pilots of a corporate jet sent to await the DC9's arrival. "But the DC-9's pilot escaped," reports a story on the website of the magazine Flight International, "fuelling conspiracy theories."

    Fuelling conspiracy theories in today's America amounts to putting out fires with gasoline. And we certainly don't want to appear to do that...

    So, we hasten to add, there is no doubt that this is all just a series of freak coincidences.

    There is also no doubt that the DC9 “Cocaine One” still sitting on a runway somewhere in Mexico will eventually be shown to belong to someone with a swarthy complexion and a foreign-sounding last name.

    We'd like to hasten to add that as a direct result of the martial spirit and can-do attitude of our current “war-time” President, there is also no doubt that Osama bin Laden will be caught and brought to justice, perhaps sometime this century.

    Thank God our President was able to steal the 2000 election from Al Gore...

    Who knows where we’d be today if he hadn’t done that.

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    Re: Porter Goss Resignation Solved:

    Some strange things are coming to light with this resignation. This was posted a month ago, but has gained credibility in recent weeks.....

    "April 29, 2006 -- The cresting wave of major scandals in Washington. At week's end, there is every indication that the Bush White House is bracing for additional scandals. A sex scandal involving the rented suites at the Watergate Hotel (the GOP just can't stay away from that place), female and male prostitutes and male GOP members of Congress and top CIA officials, including Director Porter Goss, and GOP-connected contractors is simmering but is expected to blow wide open in the next few weeks. Goss's warnings about ex-CIA officers speaking to the media have more to do with curtailing information about the growing sex and bribery scandal than in tracking down leaks about pre-Iraq war intelligence."

    "For those practiced in connecting the dots, little artistic training is needed to speculatively link Goss' here's-your-hat-what's-your- hurry departure with the bribery scandal surrounding jailed former GOP Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

    There is no obvious connection between Goss and Cunningham, aside from their having served together in the House for 13 years. But the real mystery is how Foggo became the CIA's executive director, the official in charge of day-to-day operations at the entire agency: He was a midlevel field officer with a procurement background when Goss appointed him in 2004. A CIA spokeswoman, who did not want her name used, said Thursday that the two men met when Foggo testified before the House Intelligence Committee, which Goss chaired from 1997 until 2004, when Bush made him the CIA director. No date was provided for Foggo's testimony before Goss' committee."

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    Re: Porter Goss Resignation Solved:

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006
    The CIA's sin

    The CIA's sin, according to the peculiar ethics of Dick Cheney, is not that it came up with intelligence that contradicted the neocon position on Iraq. That was to be expected, as the truth is always to be expected. The neocons had a plan to deal with the truth, called the Office of Special Plans. Together with their complete control over the disgusting American media, the truth was not going to be a problem. No, the problem was that the CIA, and in particular George Tenet, tried to play both ends against the middle. Everything, or just about everything, was fine with the CIA until after the war, when suddenly all the quibbles started pouring out. Curveball, biolabs, nukes - the CIA apparently knew all these things were [email protected]!t, but chose, in Cheney's view (and he is not entirely wrong), to wait until after the war to use them as political ammunition against the Bush Administration. Joe Wilson and David Kelly were guilty of exactly the same crime, and paid for it in different ways. As far as Cheney is concerned, that crime is treason.

    Porter Goss was put into the CIA with specific instructions to wreck the place, at least with respect to its intelligence-gathering and analysis capability. The problem was that he was an old CIA guy (very old, if you follow Hopsicker's view), and seemed to believe that his job was to try to limit the damage caused by Cheney as much as possible. The negative reaction to his 'resignation' within the CIA indicates that the CIA establishment felt he was doing the best he could, and his replacement will be much worse.

    The exact opposite view – that Goss was pulled by Negroponte in a power struggle with Rumsfeld as Goss was being too successful in wrecking the CIA - seems to be contradicted by the reaction of the CIA. There is no indication that the CIA is being saved by Negroponte.

    'Dusty' Foggo is described as having been a mid-level 'procurement officer', suddenly elevated by Goss to be the number three man in the Agency, essentially running the operations. A procurement officer is the kind of guy who hangs around the water cooler, ordering such essential CIA office supplies as notebooks, pens, cattle prods, and eye gougers. Yet he is also described as being - my emphasis in red - "a logistics expert well known to junketing congressmen who visited Frankfurt, Germany, where Foggo was based." Do you think he gave ‘parties’ in Frankfurt. What exactly did he ‘procure’?

    If Foggo is just a professional CIA blackmailer hiding behind the name of procurement officer (an example of the CIA sense of humor?), he – and Goss – may be guilty of no more than blackmailing the wrong guys. The neocon view of the Iraq war is that it was a splendid success, if only for the fact that the CIA fouled up the PR with its competing view of the truth. Eliminate the competition, and the next war, and PR war, will be a complete success. The way to eliminate the competition is to route all the intelligence gathering through the Pentagon.

    Goss was fired in such a big hurry that he didn’t even know, the morning of the ‘resignation’, that he was going. Everyone seems to feel that the speed has to do with the upcoming revelations about Hookergate. Since I very much doubt that either Goss or Foggo would get their hookers in such an obviously dangerous place - and in fact wonder whether Foggo was john or pimp - I also doubt that either would be caught in that way. Patrick Kennedy got hopped up and crashed his car the night before. Could it be that the Pentagon destruction of the CIA had been planned for a long time and was just waiting the time when a competing juicy story would help to conceal the operation?


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