If one wishes to sample the wide range of lies, myths and fairytales that are often pointed at the US Prez, Barrack Obama, then Scam would be a good place to begin.

On Scam you would discover that Obama is a Communist/Marxist/Socialist.:rotz:

Notwithstanding the differces in the above idealogies, it doesn't matter to the terminally ignorant, who perceive giving health care to the poor as being the same as having like a billion red army solidiers, in furry hats, marching in the snow. Under a big red flag.

Look. Obama may be many things, but, please, he is no socialist, and definitely not in line with the works of Marxism or Communism.

If you can start from that point of fact, then whatever follows is less likely to be biased BS.

On Scam, we might also learn that Obama is a 'fascist', followed by Fortean Times stories of how he was planning this private army..*rolls eyes*.

Look, Obama may be many things, but he is not a fascist, and none of his politics could be described as having their origins in fascism. Again, begin from that point of truth, and less BS will flow. However, if you go on sucking up the BS, well, shit in, shit out, applies.

It becomes comical to attach those labels to any US President, including this one.

If Obama and his party are full of the 'far left and liberals', then why are the US by far and away the Head Honcho in terms of being a capitalist nation, huh?

I mean, what's your excuse for this, he wouldn't dare, because you would get your sad little gun out, and revolt?


The reason why you will not see what would be archetypal communist ideals in Obama, is the same reason you won't find fascist ideals - THEY ARE NOT THERE.

However, here is what I believe Obama to be.

He is a smoother, more eloquent, more toned down version of the same regime that he replaced.

Yes, you read that right.

Of course, you can point to differences, but they need those, to convince you you have choice, when what you really have is two versions of the same thing, really.

Esp when it comes to the biggies.

Why are the right so alarmed about Obama?

I have already shown that he is neither a left winger, nor is he a fascist.

Like those that went before him, smoother though he is with it, he still sustains war.

Rather than win the respect of the world, by taking sending the troops in Afghani home, he chooses to pursue of the folly of the operation over there.

It may not have been his idea to originally go in there.

But it seems to be his to remain there, and that does not sit well with his man of peace image, that he is fond of.:rotz:

Then we have Gitmo. If Obama had the will, surely by now he could have made good his pledge, and have shut the place, no? I know it would take a bit of time, but this long? People associate the place with possible abuses, physical and otherwise, and it has never met with world approval, therefore, Obama had a great chance to address this, and he has failed, so far...

So, as well as the conflicts which give the right a sense of self, they also find Obama has kept good old Gitmo, as well.

No reason to dislike the fella, so far.(for the right)

And then we have Israel. Who could forget them? They make themselves known, as loud as they can, and if that doesn't work, they can always kill some 'terrorists' wielding sticks... :rotz:

The right, who are in allegiance with those who work in the interests of Zionist Israel, are apparently angered by the fact that Obama has (so we are told) 'strained relations' with Israel.

Look - don't worry your little head. I would imagine that on a personal level, Obama maybe thinks, like a lot of people do, that Israel behave as savages, but due to the dynamics of US politics, he can never speak the truth, not if he wants to remain in his job.

Therefore, it is of MINOR importance what Obama thinks of Israel, for the one thing he does know is that the Zionist leash holders, who have the whole US system by the balls, has to be adhered to, like it or not.

The recent murders on the flotilla were a great example.

Without going through all the shit again, and having to debunk the lies of the right, shameful that they are, most sane people accept that on that night, the IDF boarded a ship, in international *****s, and murdered around nine people, and that Israel have refused to take part in an external investigation, insisting they will do their own enquiry. Jaysus wept, LOOK at just that one thing alone!

Now, in varying degress, the worlds politicians condemened the actions, as did the UN and NATO. Pretty much most civilised nations, towns, and cities, did the same.

Indeed, perhaps the only two places SUPPORT for these actions existed were Tel Aviv and Scam.com.

Obama is the most *****ful man in the world, and that is a fact, like it or not. Or, at least, that is what we are told, about Presidents of the US, right..

So, when something like this happens, what does the most *****ful man do? He 'urges Israel'. What the does an 'urge' actually do or achieve, or does it achieve the square root of jack shit?

Does urge ever equate to the US not using their ***** of veto, when it comes to all matters Israel?

Does the urge ever mean that the US suddenly stop public ******* to the welfare state of Israel?

Does the urge ever mean that the US take sanctions against Israel, for non compliance?

Does it arseholes.

It's just a wee word, to sound good, and to sound as if the White House are really serious about this, when in fact, Obama will bend to the Zionist line, just like so many others.

They will let him have his little speaches about 'urging Israel', they will let those slide, but, for sure, not matter what Israel does, rest assured, Obama will be able to DO nothing about it.

Which makes you wonder.

If he is not in *****, who is?

The answer is obvious, right?