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    F.D.S. Forclosure Defense Solutions/Lee Schneider

    Hired FDS / Lee Schneider to execute a Loan modification for me back in November 09. Paid the "required" $1000 up front deposit for a $3000 total cost.(gauranteed)
    Check was cashed, but Services were never rendered, to date, and my money not refunded as per gaurantee. had to deal with their manager:
    SCOTT RUSSO's (ironic title) for F.D.S.
    "Client Services / Quality Control Manager"

    Mr. Russo is intentionally rude and completley incompetent...hangs up on you when you call or ignores all calls.

    Found out the business is a scam, with several internet complaints against Lee Schneider who keeps changing company names etc to avoid legal action.

    to date, not one phone call returned, or email from LEE SCHNEIDER.

    Latest email from SCOTT RUSSO:

    From: "Scott Russo"

    Not my company. Has nothing to do with me
    ------Original Message------
    From: pyramidrnr2000@aol.com
    To: Scott Russo
    Subject: RE:
    Sent: Jun 3, 2010 8:03 PM

    This is how F.D.S and its ""Client Services / Quality Control Manager" SCOTT RUSSO handle their "clients"

    Matthew E. Balistreri

    other complaint links against this compnay,and more info:



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    Re: F.D.S. Forclosure Defense Solutions/Lee Schnei

    I do not know about this person. If someone is looking for help, you need to get with a HUD certified counselor if you are looking for a modification and/or an attorney who deals with foreclosure defense.

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    Re: F.D.S. Forclosure Defense Solutions/Lee Schnei

    there is another thread here and countless other complaints on the internet about F.D.S. and Lee Schneider, West Babylon NY

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