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Thread: Used Car Scams

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    "as is"

    Recently bought a used car for $2500.00 "as is". 2 days later it's in the shop. In my state there has to be a buyers guide posted somewhere on car before sale. This did not happen. Had this been posted as required by law, I may not have bought the car. Do I have any recourse?

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    Re: "as is"

    Check with a lawyer who licensed to practice in your state and familiar with the laws governing used car sales. You will get your best answer there.

    IMO, since you appear to be knowledgeable regarding what should be disclosed, etc... why did you buy the car when it was missing the proper documentation? (the lawyer will most likely ask you this as well) I don't believe you have any recourse... IMO you're stuck.

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    Re: "as is"

    If you're in California, there's no cooling off period. Once you take ownership & drive it off the lot, if it brakes in half, you own both pieces!

    You're stuck with it!

    Have you gone back to the seller & ask him to repair or address the "issue"?

    Good luck to you.
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    Driving free cars scam or real?

    I found two websites www.freecarindex.co.uk www.vehicles4free.co.uk claiming that you can get a car for free with advertisement on it, anyone actually got one through this kind scheme or it's a con.

  5. 05-19-2008, 04:21 AM

    yellow spam

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    Re: Driving free cars scam or real?

    There are certain companies that will make your car payment to have your car or suv wrapped in their advertising. Sometimes they will provide a brand new car for you and sometimes they will pay to wrap and unwrap your car once the promotion is over.

    Problems with this free car scheme are numerous. There are very few companies willing to advertise this way compared to the number of people willing to take the offer, so you may never get picked. The offer may only be for a few months during an advertising blitz, after which there is no more money in the budget and you will be on foot again! In order to qualify you must drive and park the car in an optimum area, say like South Beach, or whatever they regard as the demographic. If you live in a small town or low population or your car just sits in front of your house, they can't use you. There is a GPS in the car so they know where you take it.

    The website charges you a fee to give you a list of companies that may or may not have a program active at the moment. You can fill out an application and wait. It's like the mystery shopper sites, you pay the fee and nobody is hiring today.

    If you really want FREE CARS FOR LIFE, there is a way, turn on your speakers and see http://www.daveramsey.com/etc/lms/drive_free/player.cfm

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    Need 2nd opinion on spot delivery scam

    First up, I didn't do my research and am caught in the spot delivery scam. Drove off with a used car ($2k down, no trade in) pending finance from the dealer. Sure enough I get a call telling me I have to come in person to sign something (no numbers provided, everything about this new financing was verbal).

    One staff member told me that the finance that I signed up for was NOT approved. Another second person told me it WAS, and this new deal was designed to save me some money. Something's not right.

    Here's the new deal -

    Additional 2% APR added
    Additional $15 monthly payment added
    Additional $500 cash down payment added

    But, the term is reduced by 24 months.

    A shorter term makes it appear that I'm paying less over the whole term. Could the dealer be doing me a favor here, I can't figure out whether to sign!?!?!

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    Re: Need 2nd opinion on spot delivery scam

    Sounds like the car dealer did not have you approved by a lender when you took the car. They believed they could get the loan approved based on their experience.

    But since the credit thing this past year or so lenders have been a little tougher.

    Based on the figures you are providing it sounds like a better deal overall for you, but you did not provide all the details.

    It is very common practice among car dealers to deliver a car without lender approval and then they try to put the loan through several sources until they find the one that is best for them.

    They will do what they call "rehash" a car loan until they find a lender that will accept the loan. If no lender will accept they will call you back like the dealer has done to you.

    Examine the paperwork carefully when you go back to the dealer and do the math. They can say anything on the phone, but the paperwork is what matters. Check the rate, term, down payment and everything on the contract before signing.

    In most cases the dealer is just trying to keep the car from coming back. Some dealers will even cut their profit to keep from having a car returned.
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    New car scam I ran into few yrs back

    I realize this is "Used" car area/I don't see New car. Apologies if wrong location.

    My mom needed a new car. I knew what she wanted (and what I felt was important on her car) So I went online to check local (and not so local but in places I do travel to) I am a driver. If mapquest says trip from A to B 12 hrs I will be there in half a day.

    Anyway a dealership in FL (Tampa by stadium) sold Buick Century. I e-mailed sales with EXACTLY what car MUST have as well as list of "nice" and a couple "don't wants" Salesman replies he has the car with ALL my "must haves" and a fair number of "nice" stuff. The price was not bad. I asked for e-mail of window sticker "we are not allowed to do that" was type of answer. He assured me it had the power seat/antilock/CD..... and he would have me met at airport and taken to dealership to pick up car/drive home.
    What he did NOT know is my wife was at Mcdill in Tampa. So I sent her to check it out. He was notified she would be there next day. THEY COULD NOT FIND THE CAR..... Then he "finds" it INSIDE by sales desk (on display in showroom) Thing is it did NOT have "power seats, antilock,........" and he gave her a copy of sticker.
    So this POS expected me to fly (one way ticket) and then the car is NOT what he said. I am sure he had exactly the car "for just a few thousand extra" handy. :zx11pissed:

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    Re: New car scam I ran into few yrs back

    This is very common among car dealerships when it comes to new cars. The car dealer wants to get you in the showroom. They have a 20% or more chance of selling you a car if you come in, so they will do almost anything to get car buyers in the door.

    Not all car dealers practice that kind of deception, but more do than don't.:rasta:
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    Used Car Scams

    Buying a used car instead of a new one can help the buyer to save money. Unfortunately, the defects of the used car become visible only after the purchase.
    Many buyers have had successful deals with some used car dealers. However, over the years used car dealers have been reviled and they have been portrayed as hooligans.
    When the time comes and you are ready to go used car shopping, there are some things to get prepared for. Make sure you know how to deal with the dealer. If you fail to negotiate well with the dealer, you may end up with a bad deal you might regret later.
    Car buying process is very emotional for buyers, they purchase with their hearts and eyes. All official procedure passed are excessively affected by emotions. Buyer signs paperwork without reading it thoroughly. The consumer has to read and understand everything he/she signs before driving off in the vehicle. Even the dealer wonít put the agreement of the purchase in writing, so you will suppose that thereís a reason, and itís not one in your best interest. It is amazing how the buyer believes every word the car dealer says during the negotiation process.
    Another often used dealer scam is the financing scam. The dealers will certainly try to get you to finance through them because they get commissions from the lenders for each loan. These loans cost more because the lenders are taking a higher risk.
    Do your research before getting excited about a particular car. Bring the information you found with you, and let the dealer know that you are researching a particular vehicle. Check the prices, recalls, consumer reviews, and the most important get a test drive, a CarFax report, and a certification regarding odometer. It is recommended that buyers bring their own mechanic so he can look at it before signing any paperwork.

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    Someone just tried to scam me. ROFL

    Hey guys, been looking for a used car for a couple weeks now and it has been a crazy journey, but today it went over to the really crazy side.

    After this happened to me tonight I did a search for scams and found this site and had to share this so I signed up.


    I was on my way home and on the side of the road was a black Ford Explorer. Newer model, not to old not exactly new.
    I pull in to check it out. 3200 OBO.
    I am like, hmm, thats actually a good price, must be high mileage. I peek into the thing and find 88k.
    I haven't seen anything like this with such low miles at anywhere near this price.

    I examine the body and undercarriage best I can and feel that the vehicle has been in at least a minor collision. It has a new rear bumper which is nice but to someone that has looked at Explorers for a few weeks its definitely some sort of OEM product.
    I am thinking, no sweat, most of the stuff in my price range has had worse and someone has done a great job on making this one presentable.

    Anyways, I call the number up and leave a message.
    I call back later tonight and get a woman who claims its her daughters car and that she drives it to college and is ready for something new.

    I ask about the accident. "What accident" she says. I said the rear bumper appears new and some paint has been applied recently. No no, to her knowledge the thing has never been in an accident but she says she doesn't really know much about it and her husband is who I should be speaking too.

    Anyways, she arranged for me to meet the guy up there, me already knowing something is up, but giving them the benefit of the doubt that the women was just dense.

    I get out of my car and there is another vehicle there.
    I ask him about the paint and new bumper. Oh they aren't new he says, they just cleaned up some rust and put rust proofing on it. (Just cooked himself in open flame.)
    Yeah, rust proofing on an OEM PLASTIC bumper. I may not be super knowledgeable on cars, but I sure the hell am not stupid.

    I figure to play this out and see where this is going. I walk around the thing and lay down and look under it. All the while the second "supposedly another interested buyer" is saying rather loudly to the man selling the car that he will definitely give him 3000 tonight.

    I start it up and take it around the block. It runs smooth but it just doesn't feel right. If you ever drove a car that has been messed up and fixed you get what I mean.

    At this point you should already know that these guys are trying to sell a totaled car that they have fixed up.
    1) Price is WAY to low for the mileage.
    2) Definite damage repair was shrugged off as rust proofing. Even on the paint job.
    3) Guy number two knows the seller and is trying to get help the owner get the highest price possible for the vehicle.

    As I am driving I am wondering how many people that they have gotten with this scam. I feel bad for these people. Though you gotta be stupid to fall for this.

    I figure to mess right back with these guys. And in my short trip I drum up some words that I think is exactly what they want to hear.

    I pull back in, park and get out and say, well I am very interested in your car. It runs decent, and is a great value for the price.
    The owner looks at me and says, well this guy here is offering me 3000 for it and he was here first.
    I say, well, I will give you asking price. 3200. But I cant do it today. I need to get the money out of the bank.
    Second guy says, I will give you 3300 for it, and that he has seen Explorers going for much higher.

    I say well I will give you 3500 for it in the morning. They are stunned for a second looking at each other, either they think I am REAL STUPID or they know I am not. Nope, they think I am REAL STUPID. Second guy says. OK look, I will give you 3900 right now but thats all I have.
    I love it.
    I say, well I will give 4000 cash in the morning. Boy they both look elated at this news and the guy not getting the car seems especially happy to not be getting his nice new explorer for such a steal.

    What asshats. lol

    Anyways, I am trying to think of a fun way to mess with them in the morning.

    I told my next door neighbor this story and he has had a brush with these guys as well. He was able to tell me where I must have seen the car and even the guy that was trying to sell it.
    Two years ago that same guy tried scamming him with the same bs story in the same spot. Daughters car, she wants a new one.

    Man, what a world we live in. I feel sorry for the people that fall for this.

    I think I may call the news and get in on some of that hall of shame stuff they do or something. Should be fun any which way I decide to mess with them.

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    Re: Someone just tried to scam me. ROFL

    Interesting post!

    I myself bought an Explorer a few years ago at what I thought was an "unheard of" price. I paid 12k for an Explorer with 120,000kms on it. Perfect condition. Just the right amount of squeeks and noises in a car that's gone that distance. I did think that maybe I was going to regret it, but it's been 5 years now, and has never let me down. I do agree tho, the price you were asked seems to be beyond unbelievable.

    Just outta curiosity, was it worth a second thought??

    Cheers, Pokes

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    Re: Someone just tried to scam me. ROFL

    I got done by a new and used car "expert" salesman in a car yard in Footscray a few years ago. i've only now lost my car to the repossessors. Oh well. i lost my job.

    The point is that what you see is not always what you get.

    The car was a 2005 Toyota Corolla sedan
    I had already bought a car from the same car yard with "their toyota finance".

    It was a silver Holden Astra that was traded in for a new car. I bought the Astra on Finance and was paying $440/month. After almost 2 years, it decided to start dying, that is, the airconditioning stopped running in really hot summer weather, but the car also started drastically overheating into the RED. I had to stop driving it. It got towed back to the same Dealer that night.

    Well, they kept running me around and offering me a free car to get to work in. They kept stalling me on what was wrong with the car they had sold me, could never tell me what was wrong, but magically managed to estimate during every phone call that the car was going cost at least /$1,500-2000 to fix.

    After 3 weeks and rising workshop costs and no actual diagnosis of the problem, I was finally pressured into swapping loans over for a much dearer car, the 2005 Toyota Corolla Sedan.

    I was asked to sign a blank form at first. They said they would fill in the details later, trust them! Of course I didn't let them do that. If I only knew that was the tip of the iceburg.

    I was told I would be no WORSE OFF on the repayments than I was now. But the monthly bill that was $440- became $540/m and it was much more difficult to pay along with my credit card debt.

    I was told it had never been in an accident.........You guessed it, approximately 18 months after taking on the new loan, I started noticing a general rusting appearing all around the drivers door window, it almost totally was covering what should have been a nice black painted surface.

    Needless to say that the amount of the loan based on what the car was meant to be worth, and the $8,000 trade-in I was supposed to have gotten in the deal still left me with over $22,000 to pay off. I was quite naieve to take on such a large amount of money.

    I guess it's at least 3 years later now and I still had 13,500 to go when I lost my job last October. I've now had to capitulate and hand over my independence. 6 months of wrangling with the Finance Company. A long time left to regret taking on such a debt and even longer to contemplate how I was able to be conned regarding the Astra which well may have been a much better bet to get fixed ---- If only I could have gotten an honest answer on it's true condition.

    I may still have to go bankrupt as I am still unemployed. I guess some people are against such a thing.
    Live and Learn.:1crysad:
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    Re: Used Car Scams

    I have already two cars. But right now I have to plan for another car. Now I want to buy a used car. Buying a used car instead of a new one there are so many benefits. Used car save money. If the car is used by one person than it is too good.
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    Re: Used Car Scams

    I love to drive cars on maximum speed. I have already three cars. One for me, one for my wife and one for my papa. Now I want to buy another car for my son. I want to buy used car. Used car has so many benefits. Its save your money.
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    Re: Used Car Scams

    I was going to buy a second car honda grazia from a trusted supplier. I'm sorry some of you guys are running into scammers. Think before buying and carefully read the reviews. And it is better to go with a professional to assess the condition of the car.

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