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Thread: Used Car Scams

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    Re: Used Car Scams

    Quote Originally Posted by rockmartinn24 View Post
    I love to drive cars on maximum speed. I have already three cars. One for me, one for my wife and one for my papa. Now I want to buy another car for my son. I want to buy used car. Used car has so many benefits. Its save your money.
    You can always turn a beaten car or truck into a weekend toy if you are mechanically sound and have some resources. That's what my uncle do after his retirement. We scored a couple of beaten ATV's and bike from the nearby junkyard. Then we let in two jeeps and one of them is a gem. The 2001 Wrangler which got in a minor accident and been sitting for 6 years. Just needed a new axle, throw the Ultra wheels and a set of 33", and a couple of led light bars after being repainted.

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    Re: Used Car Scams

    2 years ago, I bought my first car, of course it wasn't a brand new one.
    There were very few companies who agreed to insure it.
    General was one of them.
    When I got into a car accident, they paid enough to cover the damage.

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    Re: Used Car Scams

    Once I got into a scammer, I lost a lot of money and nerves, after that I checked them several times. Life has taught https://essaypromocode.com/paperhelp-discount-code

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