Poll: this site fastmoneygame is believeable?

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    Is sharecash believable?

    Im from Japan and I want work at home.
    I surf the Internet today,find a webpag: http://fastmoneygames.com/how-i-made...f-my-time.html
    Im interested it. I want download this free ebook,but need a survey?! that site sharecash is really can download it?
    I dont know :rotz:,somebody help?

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    Re: Is sharecash believable?

    Doesn't look believable to me.

    The who-is says:
    Date Registered: 2010-5-20
    Date Modified: 2010-5-20
    Expiry Date: 2011-5-20

    Private Whois Service
    Li Xijun [email protected] hois.net
    ****Contact the owner by email only****
    c/o fastmoneygames.com
    N4892 Nassau
    Private registration, seems the owners don't want you to know who they are or where they are located.

    The 'Privacy Policy' says absolutely nothing about privacy but lots about cookies.
    This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it.
    That is it, that is the entire mention of privacy, then goes on to give a definitions of cookies and web beacons.
    Concerns or questions about this privacy policy can be directed to [email protected] for further clarification.
    Clarification? of what? There isn't anything there about what that site will do with your information.

    No 'terms of use' or owner's name. Looks like some 'get rich quick' scheme that will only make the owner money, not you.
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    Re: Is sharecash believable?

    why i ask you man?!
    coz it said: no avialable survey in your country!
    so if you r in US,can u download it ???

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    Re: Is sharecash believable?

    i don't see anything to download. it says, if you have a website, like if you owned scam.com, you could make money using adsense. if you don't have a website or if you have one that has no traffic, you will make nothing.

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    Re: Is sharecash believable? - Yes!

    The reason why it says there's no available offer for your country is because there's none at that particular time.

    You see ShareCash is a paid-to-upload site where downloaders either do quick offers or surveys or buy premium account to get the file they want. CPA offers may be regional or global, and they do expire or reach quota.

    The post title caught my attention. :spidey:Anyways, I made a quick review on ShareCash a link was here:spidey: You might want to check it out.
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    Re: Is sharecash believable? - Yes!

    Hi Katie,

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    Re: Is sharecash believable?

    I think this company is old enough to be legitimate, if it was a scam it would be gone a long time ago. I voted I dont know.

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