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    Money Muleing Sting!!

    It just occured to me that if the autorities were truely fair dinkum against money launderers, why don't they ever set up sting operations??

    I just heard that "someone" had their bank accts frozen because they got sucked into a money laundering scheme by a company I previously posted on. I wont mention their name here because I don't want Google to bring it up for them. But I, or anyone else for that matter could have them set up so easy. All the authorities would need to know is the pick up point and the name of the person it's sent too...............or have I just watched too many James Bond movies??:spin2:

    Cheers, Pokes

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    Re: Money Muleing Sting!!

    Howdy Pokes, you stated:
    All the authorities would need to know is the pick up point and the name of the person it's sent too
    That is the problem. The pick up point is Western Union, with thousands of store fronts in nearly every country in the world, which one would you stake out?

    The address on the form means nothing, the cash can and will be picked up anywhere by anyone. The scammer could give a real address or simply make something up.

    The scammer will say "send the cash to Martha Jones in Beverly Hill California USA" and then the male scammer walks into a Western Union or moneygram store in Lagos, Nigeria. He gives the clerk the MTCN# and question/answer from the victim and walks out with the cash. The clerk does not and will not ever ask for ID or bother to check anything on the form and will simply hand off the cash to whomever walks in with the MTCN# and question/answer.

    The scammers use dozens of fake names, dozens of easy to close free email addresses, dozens of pre-paid cell phone numbes and dozens of fake address in his own and neighboring countries.

    Victims of the fake check and fake deposit have no idea who really ripped them off, what his address is, what his current cell phone number is, or even what country he is located in. The scammer is 100% anonymous and so is picking up cash from Western Union and moneygram, which is why scammers love both companies.
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