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    pay to join survey sites

    "Well I've never paid to join any survey sites for that exact reason, but in regards to that last post, some people recieve a lot of surveys from these sites. It all depends on your demographic. Say if you're a middle-class middle-aged woman, you'd get way more surveys than a lower-class young male. Those are the extremes, but legitimate survey sites often go into more detail to suit you to the right surveys. Both myself and a lot of my friends are members of two good survey sites and sometimes I'll get more and sometimes they'll get more it all depends on interests. My aunt joined one of the sites and gets heaps of surveys, sometimes one every two days or more, it's crazy... If you want the addresses of those two sites just e-mail me, they're free to join and no credit card details needed etc."
    I have seen this message and i would like the adresses of these two sites.
    Many thanks

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    Re: pay to join survey sites

    Well detailed posts message, thanks for given us chance to comment, i have question that various like this type of paid survey are being offered on net. Many of them are really good but some of them cheat with their registered user. Be aware of those sites.

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