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    Bad experience with E-bullion.com?

    Please post your bad experiences with E-Bullion.com here!

    I opened a business account with e-bullion..the business name was my website name. The contact information was all my personal information. After I made a deposit of $2,000 into my e-bullion account they put it right away on hold and asked for my ID information. So, I sent them my ID information which matched my Personal information on the account. I didn't have business information proof because it was only a website. I showed them proof that the website was mine. But they took my $2,000 and said because I had no docs for business. What a rip off!!

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    Re: Bad experience with E-bullion.com?

    I also am apparently going to lose my investment at e-bullion.com. The last guy's thread was from 2006. Here it is 2008 and these crooks are still reaping from the public. Why cannot they get arrested or shut down??? What does it take to snuff them out??? This is a sickening situation. These scams are allowed to keep on scamming with no accountability whatsoever. Somebody should pull the plug. Just having websites like this does help, but until they are totally shut down, the glut will continue. Pathetic.

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