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    Butterbur Cures Symptoms of Migraines

    Here's something that may be worth trying.

    Little-known Herb Butterbur Cures Symptoms of Migraine Headaches
    by: Susan Laverie, citizen journalist

    New research into the causes of migraine headaches reveals that a little-known herb called butterbur offers tremendous promise for migraine headache relief. Clinical trials also indicate that butterbur, discovered originally in Germany, can prevent the recurrence of devastating migraine headache pain.

    Butterbur's Two-pronged Action for Migraine Headache Relief

    Butterbur acts on migraine headaches in two ways. It removes painful migraine headache symptoms by lowering the inflammatory effect of chemicals like leukotrienes and prostaglandin E2. The second active benefit found in butterbur is its ability to function as a natural beta blocker whose action results in the normal flow of blood to the brain. This helps control blood pressure and spasmodic capillary action, which can also contribute to the onset of migraine headaches.

    Wondering how well butterbur works? In a study of 245 people conducted by the Department of Neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 68% of participants saw the incidence of migraine headache symptoms reduced by at least 50%. This is a huge breakthrough for people suffering from migraine headaches and the results are better than those of many dangerous over-the-counter and prescription medicines.

    The May 2000 issue of the journal, "Headache", states that butterbur is gaining recognition in the US as an effective alternative migraine headache treatment. Additionally, the report confirms its ability to reduce active migraine headache symptoms and prevent future migraine headache attacks. The best part is people taking butterbur reported no significant side effects and only infrequent, mild stomach upset.

    Buy Specially Processed Butterbur at Health Food Stores and Online Herbal Pharmacies

    When buying butterbur as a migraine cure, be sure to choose a brand labeled PA-Free. This means the product was processed to remove potentially harmful, toxic chemicals found in the butterbur plant. The special butterbur extract is prepared by having all liver-toxic alkaloids removed. Purchase butterbur at most health food stores and online herbal pharmacies.

    Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Butterbur for Migraine Headache Relief

    Double-check with a healthcare practitioner before using butterbur as a migraine cure. Clinical guidelines for using butterbur for migraine prevention include documenting the frequency of migraine attacks, determining the recurrence of migraine headache symptoms and whether they interfere substantially with daily routines, and charting the patient's use of conventional medications and how well they are tolerated.

    The recommended adult dosage is 50-100 mg twice daily to reduce migraine headache symptoms and to prevent future migraine headaches. Take butterbur for an adequate amount of time to observe its efficacy. A three month trial is suggested for this assessment.

    If conventional medicines or other herbs are taken for migraine headache treatment, consult a doctor for a timetable to wean the individual off those other preparations to avoid interactions between medicines. Avoid using butterbur if the person is allergic to ragweed, daisies, chrysanthemums or marigolds.

    The use of butterbur as a migraine cure and to prevent future attacks of migraine headaches is on the cutting edge of alternative treatment for this debilitating condition. Speak to a holistic doctor to find out how butterbur may be integrated into an individualized treatment plan for migraine headache relief.




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    Re: Butterbur Cures Symptoms of Migraines


    Has anyone here every tried this?

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    Re: Butterbur Cures Symptoms of Migraines

    Quote Originally Posted by Jen P View Post

    Has anyone here every tried this?
    Anyone at all? I have a family member who suffers from this.

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