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    williams_louis@live.com, davaidrowland1@gmail.com,

    Email Address: williams_louis@live.com davaidrowland1@gmail.com

    Both of these emails are of active scammers posing as Landlords on popular selling/buying websites such as *****slist / Gumtree etc. They have multiple postings on both. Beware!


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    Re: williams_louis@live.com, davaidrowland1@gmail.

    Thanks for posting up the scammer's email addresses of the 'super cheap rental' type scam. You could also add the emails themselves. While scammers do change emails on occasion, they will frequently use and re-use the exact same cut-n-pasted emails again and again on each new victim. Posting up the emails just adds more more bit of information for potential suspicious victims to help them find your post when googling for information.
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