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    Do not buy from www.dominatefashion.com ... they steal your money and do not reply...cheats!

    Their email address is dominatefashion@hotmail.com

    They go by Cindy or Yaohua

    They took western union from me and never replied or sent my products!


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    Re: www.dominatefashion.com

    www.dominatefashion.com is a scam site.

    Email address is dominatefashion@hotmail.com

    They go by Yaohua or Cindy

    They take your money via western union and then send no products to you!


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    Re: www.dominatefashion.com

    Sorry to hear you lost money to scammers running a fake website.

    There are 2 clues that you posted that will help you identify future scammers.

    Western Union and hotmail.

    Only scammers use Western Union, moneygram or greendot money cards as payment. Legit companies do not use any of those payment options. Ever. No Exceptions.

    While hotmail is a great free email service, it is just that, free. Anyone pretending to be from a company and is using a free email account like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc is a scammer.

    Scammers use Western Union, moneygram and greendot money cards as they are completely anonymous for the scammer to pick up the cash. Free email accounts are easy to open and close when too many victims complain.

    Posting the scammers fake website and email addresses on every scam-warning-fraud-watching site you can find is a great way to get their information on the internet and slow down the scammers when a potential suspicious person finds your post.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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