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    2 min phone call

    So Sophia calls me and ask. do I want 3500$ for 25mins of my time? Well I'm Old, but I can last longer than 25 mins. (Sophia doesn't get the joke)
    I reply Sure.
    So she gives me this Phone number and Pin and says call at 8 PM EST tonight.

    What the Hey, Wife is watching DWTS so I'm killing time, I call

    777123# pin
    888-456-8495 ext 700

    Neil..and Susan are taking introductions. I say Hello I'm Albert Daunte from Fresco, you can call me Al.
    Susan says Hi Al Dante' ( I smile) she doesn't get it..
    Susan introduces Neil who is one of these Sales Pitch Up pumpers that get you excited. he talks about Nothing for a few mins and then we hear from
    kalvin and mark...
    They tell us how they made 9k in a day Blah Blah . Then Susan comes back and we get the Main Squirrel on Caffeine Ken the presenter from Chicago.!!!
    He starts in by telling us no Questions please. Which I Ask 2, and he just keeps talking So I know we are all Muted on this Phone call. I start singing lady Gaga...
    Good ol Ken Keeps on Harping about making Money in 24 to 48 hrs. How they are in 16 countries Their isn't any selling, you can get paid daily or weekly
    Then I here Cash Pledge. I stop Singing...
    Ken talks about Qualifiers
    Q= qualifier - 2 mins to get a qualifier get them to call with your identifier its a 1 up
    receiving line #1 (Alan) says I'm in give my id and give him the web page = 3500$
    Alan gets bob I get =3500$
    Bob gets Cindy = I get 3500 $
    Cindy gets Dan = I get 3500$

    I now get John = 3500$ receiving line 2

    500 - 1000 - 2000 - 3500
    Roll up -
    Step 1. Find the right People.
    Step 2 If I can show you a way to make 1000$ for 25 mins on time with no selling
    So I gather with all the Double talk. These guys are a Phone Chain letter.!!
    Give me 500$ add your name etc. Of Course I cant Talk I'm on Mute.!!
    I hang up...
    Why in the world Would I give 3500$ to Sophia, Via Express Mail. Make a few phone calls and expect them to send me 3500$
    This was a disappointment that i couldn't ask them tons of questions. I spent 25 mins with out having fun
    Its a Scam folks. Just a new version of a Chain letter
    They said People helping people.I say its People Helping take Peoples Money

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    Re: 2 min phone call

    Thanks for the heads up.. you are FUNNY.. I think we are going to like having you around here Mr Al Daunte ("I" get it) :

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    Re: 2 min phone call

    I spent 25 mins with out having fun
    You might not have had fun, but you did get some nice info to post here to help others.

    Al Dente, I like the name. You could google the word 'scambaiting', you might find the kind of fun you are looking for there.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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