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    Guildhall Superstores is this Scam?

    ::early this morning i receive this email can anyone tell me if this is scam or not?...
    Employment Opportunities Held In Canada/UK
    William- guildhalllib.recruit@luckymail.com

    Dear Applicants, Notice of job Opportunities Guildhall Superstores, hereby which to inform all job seekers around the globe on the ongoing recruitment of staff . Guildhall Superstore is a multi-store which deal on household appliance, electrical materials, electronics of all sorts and types, import and export of power generating equipments and electronics. Guildhall superstores is located at west end of Sterdam Street London, England UK, and also located at Vancouver Canada It has been under operation for the past four years which has recorded excellent performance within this few year of service. It is hereby brought to your notice of the recruitment into the following positions. 1. Admin Clerk 2. Counter Cashier 3. Customer Service 4. Receptionist 5. Computer Analyst 6. Network Engineer 7. Marketers 8. Financial Accountant 9. Experienced drivers 10.Health/medical practitioners Interested and qualified applicants should send their C.V/Resume and a cover letter indicating the position applied for, send your data to Email: guildhalllib.recruit@vip.163.com immediately for further evaluation Note Good working experience would be of advantage. All applying candidates must have a valid international passport MD, Guildh Best Regards George William +447031822660 Email: guildhalllib.recruit@vip.163.com Website: http://www.jobseekersdirectory.com :spin2::spin2:

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    Re: Guildhall Superstores is this Scam?

    +44 70 is the start of a call forwarding service, usually answered on a disposable mobile phone in nigeria.

    to get a job at a department store you go there and fill out an application.

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    Re: Guildhall Superstores is this Scam?

    Quote Originally Posted by mumbles View Post
    +44 70 is the start of a call forwarding service, usually answered on a disposable mobile phone in nigeria.
    This is Chinese scam. Email they give is from mobile email service from China. Definitely has nothing to do with English or Canadian stores.

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    Re: Guildhall Superstores is this Scam?

    I agree with BorisZ and mumbles, 100% fake job.

    This part makes me think of cashing fake checks:
    8. Financial Accountant
    The crappy English, United Kingdom redirect cell service phone number and free email account all point to scammer.
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