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    el cid Resorts is a scam

    El Cid Vacations Club Fraud

    I am very frustrated because the way El Cid has treated my husband and me; we bought a timeshare with them. Our sales person was a man named Rui Veloso I don't know if it's his real name because of all the lies he told us.

    Maybe his name is also untrue as everything he presented to us when selling us this membership that is worth nothing. Has no resale value and have lied to hundreds of people. I know this by reading countless of complaints against this company on the internet.

    I warn all the people who are going to Mazatlan:


    Buying at El Cid was the worst mistake of our lives and right now we are stuck with it, they don't want to give us our deposit back.

    We were given false promises verbally as well as in writing. Below, are the documents Rui Veloso gave us. We called him many times and he is never available to talk to us. He is a very different person from the one we knew the first time.

    He told us that the sale of our membership fro m Mayan Palace was worth a minimum of $40,000 US dollars and the sale was guaranteed in no more than 180 days. This deadline was June 14th and nobody from El Cid or anywhere has even called us.

    We also asked him for a letter stating that if they could not honor their part of the deal to cancel the agreement. He gave us one, but now he is saying that we can cancel but we will forfeit our $7200 US. Is this fair?

    The Federal Timeshare Association told us that El Cid has many complaints in PROFECO, the better business bureau in Mexico.

    Please beware of the deceitful sales practices of this resort. This is not the way businesses are handled in Canada. Do not go to El Cid, Mazatlan or Mexico. The laws do not protect you.

    Please visit my webpage to learn more about TIMESHARE FRAUD and see pictures of the actual documents provided by the El Cid.

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    Re: el cid Resorts is a scam

    It doesn´t surprise me to read these types of comments, these developments always operate in unethical ways. Don´t give up and fight for your timeshare cancellation. I recommend you read this article.
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    Re: el cid Resorts is a scam

    Talking about El Cid on Cozumel Island? If you are, you are right about calling them a scam. The whole gang of them are in it all over Mexico. El Cid is a dump, and was probably trashed during hurricane Wilma 2005, as was all of Cozumel. They must have tacked it back together and are up to their old tricks yet again. And yes, I worked for them briefly. No bueno.:

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    Re: el cid Resorts is a scam

    While I'm about it, Texans beware! Silverleaf Resorts of Dallas, Texas, has 13 (love that #) resorts in the U.S. And all of them are somewhere nobody savvy wants to go, IMO.

    I trained for the salesperson job for exactly one day ( and ran, seeing the same crooked tactics in evidence) for their Piney Shores location outside of Houston. They are as bad as the Mexican bunch and worse.

    The sales trainer was a chatty Cathy doll, full of herself, and never stayed on topic. After hearing umpty-ump stories about her being the best Mom on earth, I decided this was one more reason to flee. I could not imagine her being my supervisor.

    Piney Shores is on a man-made lake that is quite brown and ugly and replete with crocodiles. Compared to the Mexican Caribbean resorts, it is a garbage dump.

    The 'condo' is a tiny two bedroom affair far from the lake. There is nothing, quite frankly, to do there, except BARBEQUE ,Y'ALL. The gift you will get is an absolute JOKE and worth nothing. They will hold you hostage for hours, vis a vis Mexico.

    The recreational area is ghastly, with a glitzy faux arcade reminiscent of the 80s. Someone was shot dead in April 2009 by the pool.

    No such thing with Silverleaf as all-inclusive , and you'd be hard-pressed to find any tours into Houston. It's BYOB and BYOG (groceries!).

    The property is ghetto looking.
    If you are going to get ripped off, at least get ripped in Mexico where the resorts and ocean are beautiful, where tours abound, and you can get all-inclusive situations:judges:. At least you can drown your sorrows with food and drink!

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    Re: el cid Resorts is a scam

    El Cid timeshares are beautiful resorts with locations in Mazatlan, Cancun and Cozumel. Its legal name is El Cid Vacation Club S.A. de C.V. But unfortunately, el Cid timeshare has become in one of the biggest timeshare scams in Mexico.

    At El Cid Resort’s timeshare presentation, vacationers are offered an El Cid timeshare points for sale package, being that they work with two rental companies: Phoenix Vacation Property Management and Platinum Exchange Services Corp.

    El Cid timeshare have gained a very bad reputation in timeshare matter, and there are a lot of complaints around several websites like Ripoff Report, Complaints board, Redweek, etc.

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