I'm a local victim of 3rd St. Financial LLC but part of a much larger group. This company advertised that you could purchase aged corporations from them with corporate credit lines attached that you could use as you saw fit.

After 3rd Street fell behind in honoring several contracts and stopped communicating with us, we did some investigating and are now positive that this whole thing has been a scam and we have evidence to that fact which we are in the process of collecting to hand over to the Dallas County DA and the Texas State Attorney General`s office.

We know that Edward ("Ed") L. Molz Jr. used the alias of Frank Sullivan to scam people through the business of 3rd St. Financial LLC. I have his picture and the story posted at http://iggyboo.com/3rdStreetScam.html. If you have been scammed by this thief, please fill out the form at that website so we can pass your information to the DA and AG. The more info we have, the worse it will be for FrankEdstein (as I like to call him).

And please pass this website address to your contacts, forums, blogs, etc. so everyone knows what he looks like -- with the power of the internet and your help, we can put this guy behind bars where he belongs.