Anytime I get a letter with one of those USA Presorted Standard stamps my internal scam alarm goes off. Here is a new one I recently received.

It is from someone called Dr. Frank Drake, Curator of Artifakts, at P.O. Box 38952, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

He bills himself as a "true occult scientist" who possesses "true and guarded scientific formulas that create miracles of money, power, love and success".

He says "my work never fails! My spells are 100% effective" and that "I am the only one in possession of the secrets I use".

His offer, in exchange for a $25 "donation", is that your life will be "filled with everything you desire" under one condition. That condition is "you must keep our work a secret" and not reveal anything when you become wealthy and successful.

Obviously now that I have exposed his letter his secret formulas will not work for me so I will NOT be sending him any money. However I will sleep better at night if someone reads this and ignores his letter when they receive it.

He leaves no website or other contact information in his letter.