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    A friend of mine was telling me a good way to start investing with a limited knowledge was to find a site that offered daily stock picks and start there. I came accross these guys
    I cant find out much about them on the net. Anyone ever heard of them or have any idea if their operation seems legit??

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    Re: PrometheusFinancials.Com

    Chances are really high that they are a scam.

    Red Flags.
    1)Website is registered about one month ago.
    2)Website is registered with gmail account(free email).
    3)No phone number or address on website. Address given in website registration does not exist.

    Also previous "succesful" recommendations are easy to fake.

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    Re: PrometheusFinancials.Com

    As BorisZ mentioned, that site has some issues, starting with the fact that there is not an owner's name, street address or phone number listed on that site.

    The Privacy policy starts with:
    This Privacy Statement answers some questions about what nonpublic personal information we collect, what we do with it, and how we protect it.
    Actually, their privacy policy states none of those things, all they have is 2 sections:

    How do we protect the confidentiality and security of nonpublic personal information?
    Which just goes on to say they use something to keep your data safe.
    What should I know about "cookies"?
    They use cookies.

    Absolutely nothing on that site about what they do with your data, sell/share/trade it to spammers perhaps? Spam you themselves? How long do they keep your data?

    Services says:
    Neither this site nor anyone in affiliation of this site guarantees any specific outcome or profit, and you should be aware of the real risk of loss in following any investments discussed on this .As with any stock the price will go up and down and it is possible for you to get back less than you invested.
    So they know you could lose money.

    What guarantee do I have that I will make money

    None. Any time you invest in the stock market you are assuming a risk of loss. If you are not comfortable with the possibility that you could lose everything that you invest in then you should NOT purchase any stocks.
    Will I always make money?

    Is there a guarantee of performance?

    NO. It is our speculation of how that stock will perform today based upon historical performance within a set of parameters we have developed to measure performance.
    Just how many ways can they say you won't make money?

    'Contacts' is just email, easy to ignore/block your emails.

    Our Cancellation Process Is Simple.
    But no mention of what that process is, how do you request a refund, by email?

    who-is says:
    Updated Date: 05-may-2010
    Creation Date: 25-mar-2010
    Expiration Date: 25-mar-2011
    Yeager, Jeffery jyeager83@gmail.com
    Arcanum Software Solutions
    1763A Canney Pl
    Kailua, Hawaii 96734
    The company of Arcanum Software Solutions doesn't seem to exist anywhere according to google, neither does that address in Hawaii according to google map.

    In conclusion, no name, no street address, no 'terms of use', no decent 'privacy policy', extremely new website, fake registration, just another site saying: send us money cos we say we can make you money.
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    Re: PrometheusFinancials.Com

    Every time it astounds me that there are people who are unfamiliar with the statement "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is."

    These market 'picking' nonsense artists all are easily stumped by a couple of basic questions.

    "Do you have a registered, audited, real money track record I can see? At least one year would be fine."

    "How much money do you have under management?"

    The simple answer to both of these questions will be negative every time because if they had positive answers, they would have scads of money flowing in from a couple of large investment banks with initials like JPM and GS, and they would have no need to hit you up for a piddly $5.95 for a trial of their 'service' because they would be earning piles of money in incentive and management fees.

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