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    apex solutions llc

    Got a letter today from them saying I owed them $139.87 for a home business product I purchased and kept beyond the trial period. Said they had tried to charge my visa card ending in **** but that it had been declined. I don't know how they got the digits on my card but this is certainly a scam.

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    Re: apex solutions llc

    I got the SAME exact letter yesterday, saying the same thing..."I owe 139.87, for failure to cancel a 14 day trial..." I took it a step further and called the number, the WITCH was immediately aggressive and kept saying are you going to pay for this or not? Then when I asked to talk to a supervisor, she giggled and said,,haha, have fun waiting for that, bye bye...and hung up on me...They also have the last four digits of a debit card that has been cancelled over a year ago. SCAM

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    Re: apex solutions llc

    I too received this letter and have found the same load of crap if you look up their phone number it comes up as a scam and their address has no mention of a business with their name in the building and the bitch on the phone had NO customer service skills. I guess if you're going to run a scam it might get a little irritating to find out that people are already onto you

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