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    Fraud Jon Graham Satara Holdings Llc/thai Cuisine

    In life many things happen but trusting some one and being ripped off and scammed should not be one of them. I was ripped off by a guy called Jon M Graham the owner of Satara Thai Cuisine in Peoria AZ. I was a victim of trusting to invest in Jon M Graham of Satara Thai because of the lies that this slick talking swindler made me believe as I came to find out many others fell to the same trap. Thanks to my husband for pushing and supporting me to speak out
    He represented himself upon meeting as a nice guy owner of a restaurant with other business interests that was looking to continue to grow and interested in potential investors. Soon I found out these were all lies and most of what he said he was about was far from true. Jon Graham indicated that he owned several manufacturing business in Thailand and through out Asia as well as owned parts of some night clubs in Thailand. All of these things Jon Graham said are lies and I have reached out to many people the Jon Graham has burned and they have giving me a lot of support.
    From what many people have told me he fronts like he has a manufacturing business and lures investors or business owners to give him money then is no were to be found as proved by what happened to a company by the name of Solar Breeze based in Phoenix, AZ. Jon Graham (Satara Holdings LLC) found a investor out of New Mexico called Mrs. Haige (there is a link with the court documents below) had her invest 100k to produce pool cleaners for Solar Breeze and Jon took the money and it never got to the good guys that own that company and they were left waiting for the money as well as blamed for the missing money. A judgment for over 100k was awarded against Jon Graham of Satara Thai/ Satara Holdings LLC as he was proven guilty.
    He takes most of the money from his wife that he works with at the restaurant and uses it to further create an illusion of success to lure in people. Jon Graham Satara Thai cuisine, Satara holdings LLC is most likely not paying his taxes and he does not have any business abroad like he sometimes states that he does. Jon Graham steals from his employees and over charges his restaurant guests when the opportunity presents its self
    He doesn’t pay his employees for months at a time and many of them don’t leave right away because they feel if they quit the money owed to them will never be paid(there are court document links below for this as well). Jon Graham (Satara Holdings LLC, Satara Thai Cuisine) have also been picketed by three former employees and was finally brought to a settlement for pay by Angie Pappas a former employee. The labor board also awarded Judgments in favor of 2 other former employees for over $6,000 and from my understanding is that others are in the waiting.
    Many people that do business with him are never paid and have received many bad checks over time but hang on in hopes of getting paid of money owed.
    I have taken the time to write this in hopes that if some one is or was thinking of doing business in any way with Jon Graham think twice and steer clear of a chance of getting ripped of by some one that has done so every chance he could to employees, family, service providers, investors and other. Please do not support his restaurant as it enables him to continue to do very unethical things. When I was thinking if I should expose some of his wrong doing I told myself, if I don’t do anything I would be just as bad as Jon Graham. I have been a victim of a Scam and hope other will not be by reading this.

    Unlike many other people I have the proof of Jon Graham poor business practices. Please feel free to copy paste or click on these links for legal recorded documents of the scam, misrepresentation, Lies, Theft, dishonesty of Jon M Graham the owner of Satara Thai Cuisine:
    These are court filings for work to build his latest Scam (Satara Thai Cuisine in Peoria, AZ)
    These are court documents from previous employees that Jon Graham Ripped of and never paid that got fed up with his ways (labor board says there is more to come)
    These are Judgments against Jon Graham for some of his unethical practices:

    This is my voice please listen. Thanks to my husband for pushing and supporting me to speak out. Let’s unite against Jon Graham and stop this guy from doing further damage. Feel free to contact me at Truthphx@hotmail.com

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    Re: Fraud Jon Graham Satara Holdings Llc/thai Cuis

    And this is how feuds begin…..

    In brief response to this “fantastic” blog, let me begin by stating the author is Pierre (Peter) Moran, and or an associate of Pierre or Exile Restaurant Group, LLC., the same company, and individuals, who lost their court case initiated by our restaurant for precisely what he is alleging against me—fraud, misrepresentation, and so on. Since the author alleges “she” invested with me, I would be very interested in the exact “investment” she made and documents showing as much. Since there was no investment, it will be here that this story begins to unravel, at least as it pertains to actions of wrong-doing, or fraudulent activity, on my part.

    Regarding payment of staff, this is fairly accurate. Opening our doors in the middle of the worst economy since the Great Depression, I was forced to make decisions, which negatively impacted many people who supported and worked for us—to be exact--employees did not receive salary for a six week period from the end of October to the first week of December, 2008. One year later, most had been paid all of what was owed, though there are two with whom I have outstanding balances. For what it is worth, I am attempting to get everyone paid, unlike Mr. Moran, who refuses to make arrangements for his judgment to me.

    Questioning my background in overseas business seems a bit of an odd tactic as colleagues, personal and business references will quickly provide such verification. However, I do understand why this “investor” would include such a diversion, as this is precisely how Pierre Moran and Exile Restaurant Group, LLC. present their restaurant consulting business.

    I am not sure what “…takes most of the money from his wife…” means, but she finds this particular statement quite amusing. And, as neither she nor I have not been able to take a salary since we have opened the restaurant, it begs the question of your meaning “….and uses it to further create an illusion of success…” as we are from having yet achieved success.

    I did, indeed, lose a judgment to Wendy Haig of New Mexico, as I did not have the means to defend the allegations and these “good guys” at Solar-Breeze, received a total investment of $214,000 from me, personally, and then reneged on payback, which is another story in itself.

    While I acknowledge there are small seeds of truth in some of the accusation written by this “investor,” I will defend myself against the gross embellishments and misdirection. After all, this was written as a response to my reporting of Exile Restaurant Group, and its associates as fraudulent and attempted to warn small restaurant owners not to get burned in the same way I did.

    In short, if there is question as to the author’s intent, please review posts on www.ripoffreport.org and www.scam.com and find the similarities in this blog and where Exile Restaurant Group and its members Pierre Moran, Bob Tam and Mimi Tam’s actions are documented. Additional reading of interest is the lengthy list of court records for Pierre Moran since the 1990s and, as I stated in earlier posts, there is no need to take my word--I implore you to do your research into Pierre Moran and Exile Restaurant Group, and ask for business and/or personal references before dealing with them. Though this will be my last first and only response, I am fully aware that Mr. Moran, under different guises, will continue to seek retaliation through fake reviews and blogs, for the loss he was dealt for cheating my restaurant, my employees, my family and myself.

    In the end, Mr. Moran, truth will prevail. It is time to move on with your life. You are still young; you can turn things around and make something of your life.

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    Re: Fraud Jon Graham Satara Holdings Llc/thai Cuis

    Interesting Jon. Not sure what you are thinking or what you are trying to do but this just shows the world that you live in. If you must know I have spoken to Pierre along with the nice guys from Solar Breeze, former employees during my information gathering. Pierre and I spoke about the situation that happened at your restaurant, which is much different than the out of place explanation that you posted. I posted this blog not to support him but to warn others that might get left in your wake. You are running out of places to run and like they say the truth always comes out on top. Instead of responding to the allegations you post something that has to do with someone else. I also must point out that in your post you admitted to your dishonesty and a bad economy that all of us have live through is no excuse for ripping people off, try doing the right thing like the rest of us. Again I am speechless and wondering what is going through your head...

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