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    Columbia University

    It is led by Jeffrey Sachs, a Columbia University economics professor. Lack of progress in meeting the goals of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to reduce poverty moved him to start the Millennium Development Project. Sachs started one project in Sauri, Kenya to alleviate poverty.
    Before we discuss his success it needs to be stated that Kenya is one of the more successful nations in Africa. It’s success can be measured by the fact that it is not on the list of countries to be relieved of debt because it has been paying its obligations.
    Some aid has been cut off from Kenya as a matter of fact because of the corruption in the nation. Much of the aid has been siphoned off to government officials.
    Sachs insists Sauri is a success, though, and is intent on providing the means for Sauri to become able to sustain economic growth.
    That’s a far cry from ending poverty. That’s something more.
    Sachs works out of the ‘Earth Institute’ at Columbia. It’s motto is ‘Mobilizing the Sciences and Public Policy to Build a Prosperous and Sustainable Future’.
    The focus of the ‘Earth Institute’ seems a little fuzzy. On their web site are included along with pep talks about Sauri, Kenya and ending poverty are an advertisement for Mr. Sachs book (forward by Bono – the U2 rock star) available at Barnes and Noble and articles with titles like ‘Sea Turtles’ Long Dangerous Trip Home’, ‘Sweating the Science’ and ‘Cassini Spacecraft Reveals Lake-Like Feature on Titan’.
    It’s one thing to propose a solution and try to make it work. It’s another to wrap up ideas with a nice bow, put them in a book and sell them for cash so that well fed, well healed celebrities can avoid the real problems.
    There is no food or trade in southern Sudan because the Arabs in the north want to starve out the people living their and sell the oil for cash.
    There is no stopping the religious war in Uganda because as the people are driven out mining companies and oil companies move in and take their land.
    There is no will to slow the spread of violence throughout Africa because the soldiers take gold, jewels and other commodities and give them to international arms dealers in order to buy guns and ammunition and other weapons.
    The trade in death is lucrative for a great many people.
    People that donate money each year to Columbia University.

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    Re: Columbia University

    life is S H IT and it's about time EVERYONE heard about it!?hehe!!but NOOOOOO!!not americans!?we are the proud,the stupid,and the rich!?(DID I FORGET THE WANNABEES!?)and besides that we control everything!?well..at least WE WANT TO/HAVE TO!?propaganda rules!!ask JOSEPH GOEBBELS!?(PBS CURRENT SPECIAL on natzis)i love my wife/kids and i love god!?worked for him!?all hail the GREATER GOOD of the state!?........bite me i say!?there is no greater good!?at least not to be commanded by men!?hehe!!just askin!?......

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