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    Get Zooks "cyber malls"

    Just heard about this through a friend who tried to pitch me it, so I decided to do some research.

    I found a press release saying how they will "realistically create millions of wealthy individuals in just a few months".

    I also just listened to the Getzooks radio show, where they bragged about their "hookup" at the UN

    Their team looks very sophisticated, and wondering why there hasn't been much buzz about this yet. Did my friend just join a MLM?

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    Re: Get Zooks "cyber malls"

    Here is their "comp plan"

    "The GetZooks Membership has a matrix that is used in the Prosperity Program, and other Programs offering referral commissions that may become available to the Club Membership.

    The Club matrix is a 3x7 Forced and compressing matrix. This means that each new member joining the GetZooks Club is forced to the next available position under their personal referrer. When a member decides not to renew their membership, their position is purged and removed (compressed) out of the matrix, moving the down line upwards to fill that spot with the next random member in that down line.

    Cover your monthly Club payment of $29.95 and get into profit with just 12 members. That's you referring 3 members and those new members referring 3 new members each:

    As your matrix builds level by level as new members join. These members can be all your personal referrals (in which case you would make $120.00 in personal referral bonuses) or they could be a combination of your referrals own referrals, or spill over coming from above.

    Additional Compensation is made on all personal sales or purchases through Member's Prosperity Program Stores, Cyber-Malls, and Social Widgets. The amount earned for sales depends on whom the Affiliate Product Provider is.

    All commissions earned from sales of affiliate products, or ad revenue generation are contingent on the receipt and clearance of good and sufficient funds by Company from Company merchants and or ad clients."
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    Re: Get Zooks "cyber malls"

    10 years ago such "cybermalls" would be a good idea. Now it is just an excuse to get you into pyramid.

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