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    www.mgmtpros.com or MAP

    4/5/2010 - received an e-mail setting up an interview w/ them for a job
    was given their address and contact information
    1300 Post Oak Blvd.,Ste. 950| Phone 713-622.1711| Fax 713-622-6161

    4/6/2010 - went to the interview was given paperwork to fill-up

    4/9/2010 - faxed the forms and after 5 minutes received a call from them asking for $5,900.00. I told them I don't have that kind of money and that I might have to withdraw from my retirement account they told me that they need the money asap to help me get a job and even suggested if I can use my daughter's credit card!

    I am very frustrated I wasted my time and $$ on gas going to that office and filling out all those forms.

    They seem legit their offices were spacious and luxurious and all of them dressed professional. I am weary about scams and checked google for any complaints filed against this company that call themselves MAP and www.mgmtpros.com as their web site but did not find any. I am hoping that by posting this i might help other potential victims out there get a red flag when they try to research and check if this company have any complaints against them.

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    Re: www.mgmtpros.com or MAP

    Glad to hear you didn't send them the money as that site has some issues.

    No owner's name, no 'Terms of Use' and no 'Privacy Policy'

    Clicking on 'career assessment' brings up a form to fill out. There is this note:
    The information you provide us will be kept in strict confidence.
    Guess we are suppose to just believe that as that page is http not https and no 'privacy policy' to back up that one lone statement.

    Without even inputting any data and clicking on 'submit' you receive this:
    Thank you for submitting your Career Assessment!

    An MAP representative will contact you in the next one to three days to further discuss your future and help get you on the right path!
    Clicking on 'about us' brings up:
    As one of the oldest and most experienced career marketing and management firms in the area
    And clicking on 'my career' brings up
    With years of experience
    Yet the who-is says:
    Updated Date: 02-feb-2010
    Creation Date: 02-feb-2010
    Expiration Date: 02-feb-2011
    Very new website, only a one year registraion, even the scammers running the site think that they won't last longer than that.

    The who-is goes on to say:
    None Supplied
    care of Network Solutions
    PO Box 459
    Drums, PA. US 18222
    Yet, the website says their address is:
    1300 Post Oak Blvd. suite 950 Houston TX 77056
    That site is full of statements that never quite come out and say what they will be doing for you.

    MAP helps you identify areas that suit your skills and abilities and devises a plan to get you there.
    We work with you to implement a detailed, strategic marketing campaign
    Clicking on 'what they say' brings up 10 testimonials with only intials, not names of the happy clients.

    Add to all that, the fact that no where on the site do they mention the costs and fees you will be asked to pay.

    mrbt115 said:
    they told me that they need the money asap to help me get a job and even suggested if I can use my daughter's credit card!
    Of course they wanted the money fast, they won't be around long. They also suggested the credit card as credit cards won't do chargebacks for mentoring, advice or counseling which is exactly what they seem to be selling.

    Good luck in your job search mrbt115, and keep on checking google, here and any other scam-warning-fraud-watching sites you find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
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    Re: www.mgmtpros.com or MAP

    Thank you Meri Widow your response is extremely informative, I didn't suspect anything about their website until you brought all those points up. Your breaking down of all the issues in their website will help me discern any future potential fraudulent companies during my job search. These people are opportunists and heartless!

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