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    Jill Evans/Paramount Mortgages Major Investigation

    In October 2008 we sent Jill Evans $21,500.00 as she gave us a commitment to fund our mortgage on our home. Once we sent her the money the excuses started like it seems with everybody else she is in a committee meeting, she is the lender, she told us that she lost the file and then stopped returning our calls and then she said that a bank in Minnesota had approved the loan on May 10, 2009. When we asked for copies she told us not to worry they would be going to the closing agent and she would let us know who that was.
    Then she said a company offshore had approved the loan even without an appraisal and then stopped returning calls and never gave us any proof. Then she told us that we lose our money because she got us a commitment but we sent her the info too late. SHE IS A LIAR. We gave her all the info when we started. We contacted the State of Colorado Division of Real Estate and they told us that there are over 60 complaints that they are investigating just like ours and we are filing a complaint too. We are in our 60s and she took all of our money so if you have the same problems you can file a complaint they told us with Lisa Mayday of the State of Colorado Division of Real Estate phone #303-894-2166 she is the lead investigator in this major scam by Jill Evans and Paramount *******.
    Our attorney has spoken to 11 other people who want to get together and sue Jill Evans. For more information please email us at nrmhoward@gmail.com
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