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    Via Entertainment HATER!

    Hello i am one who knows that every business has its HATERS! Thiis is not that case.. Via Entertainment is Only and i repeat ONLY just ran by a few money hungry Pricks!! They dont care about anything in there "business"

    okay so if you read in newspaper to go and be an extra! ha its all a joke.. VIA is a joke. and great waste of time... all the way on camelback and 12st.. in a little run down suite? Very non professional! I felt like everyone was kinda laughing on the insde cuz i mean they let ANYONE in there to "tryout"

    So i go down there because an interview hahha was set up for me... i get down there well along with 15 others and anyone who calls were all waiting to see the same dude to tell us if we can make it or not ?

    Finally a man name Eric F Called me back told me wow.. you would be so perfect for this job... ya know we do this for commercials.. weve worked with jolie... just a bunch of b.s. and by this point im like ya i think i wanna do the modeling print..because my intentions were for hair shows and an extra.. which 1 out 46666587475873 chance your gonna be chosen... for what they are actually advertisig for. anyways... Eric brings out a paper tellin me that in order to be recognized i need a portfolio, im no stranger to that so of course what do i need to do i ask... he is like you will be photographed by our photographer three diferent outfits... which once again un professional on how they decide... they have u get dressed like by the main entrance walk out and show them and they say no or ya...anyways Eric said ya its $350.00 o get your portfolio started it was just so whack DONT DO IT I READ UP ON THE VIA ENTERTAINMENT SAW ALL THE SCAM WARNINGS BUT WANTED TO SEE FOR MYSELF YOU'LL BE WASTING PART OF YOUR LIFE TO GO THERE... the people who are in charge.. NIK and ERIC there yelin around the building all rude.. just very money hungry like i said..

    I get to the shoot where if u got ur hair done and make up it was $60 i did it expecting the best.. which turned out to be some reject make up artists haha i walked into this circus they called a portfoilo shoot.. it was caos. un organized.. for three diff outfits it took 5 hours! Wating in line for all the other people who were tricked into paying $350.00 so the next day nik had called me cuz he said he wuld.. and he said really briefly i have a job u can do saturday at 11am i said ya cool and he said come down nd sign for it.. so i went down there.. had to do some pre reading bullshhit over some pepcid complete heartburn medicine,, so if i wasnt laughing hard enough.. where does modeiling and pepcid meet lol i was thinkin magazine?? commercial??(as i read on) I was going to be a represetative at Sams club for this product and hand out ing pepcid pens!!!! from 10am till 6pm i was like whatevver ill get paid for it, i was just pretty much doing the favor for them because they called.. but once i kne the description i was like ya i wont be coming back to via anymore after i get my pictures... well NIK had talked so fast through some paper he ripped off back tellin me sign here and here not going into detail just wanting me to gt the out of there so he can make more money.. he made a comment like this isnt one of those days your mom dies and your dead in the hospital... when this dumbass doesnt even kno that my mother no longer with me.. so if it wasnt one unproffesional thing after another.. they wwere just rude corrupt individuals.. back to the event i was planned for... so i get home checking out all the pens.. and the signs they had given me to hang on a display table that i had to come up with annd not only that wanted me to ask strangers to take pictures of me interacting with other strangers about the pepcid product... So ya they cant even get some one out there so you completly dont look like an idiot... which iiis exactly how i felt.. So i got ready that morning under the impression any Sams cub.. ya know im a sams member was just gonna have the set up at my local sams.. Well NIK called mme about 15 min till 10am asking if i left and was almost there and i said yea.. and we talked bout how to clock in and i asked him hey is it supposed too be any particular Sams club he was Like " YAAA THE ONE IN FLAGSTAFF" I laughed... i mean really im going to drive 2 hours to a Sams club t hand out pens.. you have got to be shittin me... So nik got all crazy on the phone.. im gonna sue you, you owe me $500. blah blah makin himself look even worse ha. So i went bck to via to give them their "kit" of pens that he was having a heartattack about like i was gonna black market some pepcid pens.. i just thoguht that was ridicuous, and this morning who do i get a call from.. Arrowhed collection agency... or $500.00 i said off. click. which bring me here. i did not write all this for my health THEY ARE A PIECE OF SHIT COMPANY WHO WILL BE TURNED IN TO THE BUSINESS BUREAU FOR FALSE ADVERTISMENT! A BUNCH OF ***S IF YA ASK ME.

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    Re: Via Entertainment HATER!

    There is another thread here at scam dot com about Via Entertainment.

    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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    Re: Via Entertainment HATER!

    I have had the same experience with this Scaming place too. All they care about is themselves and their money. They don't trust anyone unless you put out more money than they do. It is a total scam and all they want from you is to be their slave or bitch, and I say f#*&ck you VIA Entertainment.

    I know that everyone in that office will burn in hell (well done)

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    Re: Via Entertainment HATER!

    Just so you know, K Miller is Nik Miller. He is the one who works there. He had to move down to AZ from Colorado. According to the BBB Eric still works there. Eric just does what he is told to do. It is Nik who is the puppet master. Nik basically owns Eric therefore Eric must do what he is told. I heard Nik tell Eric that he has to do what he is told because he owes him a lot of money.

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    Re: Via Entertainment HATER!

    These guys are also on ripoffreport.com, ripping people off in Colorado Springs, CO.

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    Re: Via Entertainment HATER! (Colorado Springs)

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS With these people. Tom is a complete scammer. He is trying to sue my daughter for 400 dollars for a photochoot SHE NEVER DID. They forced her to sign papers even though she said NO!. They coerced her and scared her. I personally called them when she told me to let them know she would not be doing business with them. Then we received legal papers from thier lawyer! I called TOM and he told me I will not speak to you GO SCREW YOURSELF LADY. Stay Away STAY AWAY from them.. Check the reviews scammers scammers... you will find reviewes every where! Check rip off reports and any hundreds of others and you will find the same thing over and over again. My poort daughter went there alone and they fed her a line of BS BE VERY AWARE OF THESE GUYS!!! I amnow reporting them to the better business bureua and the government. They said their lawyers are going to sue my daughter have fun with that cause you aren't gertting a single pemnny!

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    Re: Via Entertainment HATER!

    Best agency in Colorado and has no affiliation with the Phoenix, AZ location. Do your research and contact their clients. I did and it paid off triple-fold on my investment. I walked in about October of 2014 from a classified ad I seen on Craigslist. Knowing it was Craigslist I was a little hesitant and only assumed the worst. I did not have to pay the $500 dollars because I walked in with a good quality headshot and only had to pay the enrollment fee. The enrollment fee paid for a background check (being they work with kids and are bonded they do not want to risk their licenses from the rift-raft that come in.) However, after being with them for six months now and receiving about 12 offers for jobs that were available (only taking four because I own my own business) I signed my daughter up as well. She is doing her first paid gig this week (Apr 2014) for a Toyota commercial. I also paid for the photography this time for her and it was well worth it. The photographer did an amazing a job and gave us tons of usable photos. I am extremely please with the overall professionalism of Via Entertainment and would recommend them to all my friends and family and have. I would encourage anyone to go to Denver or some of these hotel gigs and see what crazy prices they charge and don't have one single verifiable job to show. I have my demo reels proof to show anyone of my work, the checks from the work have cleared the bank. Hope this helps any "newbies" wanting to get into the biz.

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