Beware if you have Aetna Insurance for your long term disability insurance company. I had that and paid into it monthy for over 20 years thinking if I ever got REALLY sick, they would be there for me paying the bills etc.
NOT true--I finally got sick and had to take an extended long term disability leave from work, after a couple months, Aetna, who was sending me a LTD check every month, decided on their own that I was no longer sick, did NOT contact my doctors, did NOT contact me for any more information, just quite paying me. I had to go thru an appeals process which can last up to 6 months, 6 months with no income.
I lost my house, my car, belongings etc and finally Aetna sent me to their own doctor to be 'evaluated'. Their OWN doctor tested me for a full day and said not only was I still very sick, but Aetna had made me even SICKER due to their pulling the financial rug out from under me!
Aetna did start paying me again after that, but they did not try to settle with me over the money I lost in my house, car, belongings, peace of mind etc.
And, when you are sick, with almost no income, just TRY hiring an attny to sue them--yep, they count on that fact that the sick and disabled can't afford an attny to sue the pants off of them for how they treat people!
If you have Aetna for your LTD--best to find another company if you can otherwise, don't ever get sick, because if they don't like the way you dot i's or cross 't's, they will drop you a dozen times and make you have to go thru the above each time to get what they said you were SUPPOSED to get all along when you were working hard and making payments to them!