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    Quiet Wars, Silent Weapons

    Quiet Wars, Silent Weapons is a name given to a manifesto of war on the American Public dated may 1979 in which the first page congratulates the reader on the 25th Anniversery of the third world war also known as the Quiet War. This would put the inception in the year 1954. These documents describe the silent weapons of this war in economic and family ways. The docs show how through the Government and Military they will control every aspect of your life right down to your assigned lots they put you in at birth. No one is to know about this war except a handful of top brass and bankers. They refer to the Rothchilds as the inventer of this economic war in which they continue to get richer as we get poorer. The end results of this paper are playing out in the Bush Administration NOW. If the American Public knew they had war declared on them in 1954 they would have craped a brick. Well what are we doing now? Nothing, but letting the real terrorist run the White house. All three branches of our government are corrupt and we need to stand by the Constitution no matter what happens or who's in office. If you don't like that idea move to China. Say No to police states and curfues and high prices at the pump. It is all connected nothing is separate, 9/11, Oaklahoma, first bombing of the towers, ruby ridge, waco, downed planes and immigration battles, ect, and the end result is we lose if we don't stand up behind our Constitution. There are no terrorist except in the White House. Watch out they have to strike another blow on us to convince us to give up our rights for protection....... from them. If you blog then blog away about the way the Bush's and Cheney's and Rumsfeld's are not following the Constitution and should be brought up on treason charges for disobeying their oath of office and the presidency to protect the Constitution so help them God. Or write your congressman and ask why he is enabling the Bush Administration to strip the constitution and that he has an oath too. I personally wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire! BUSH=TYRANNY P.S. I'm not a Conspiracy Theorist but a Conspiracy Knowist. I do the research and Have the proof
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    Re: Quiet Wars, Silent Weapons

    Yes, everything you said is the TRUTH! THose scumbags should be OUT and in PRISON FOR LIFE! Remember they are behind the BIRD FLU HOAX and have INVESTED thousands into the "tamiflu vaccine. They are all so corrupt is is sickening... Read all my posts on here! Looks like to me that Bush goons are involved in the DEBT to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER... that is how I see it... I know they are PUPPETS as the ELITE tell tham to PLAY THEIR GAMES. Bush wants Saddam "executed" for what? Bush goons should look at their own track record... totally insane!

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    Re: Quiet Wars, Silent Weapons

    but...........your forgetting the age ol' truth of creation.there's a sucker born every minute!?god bless em!?for good or bad!?how is the truth ever gonna beat the odds!?what's the media/medium to reach them!?10,..16/50 yr olds drivin newer SUVS in my short travel less than a mile away today!?hehe!!ignorance is king and a anew car is the THANG to be SEEN in!?add spinning wheels at our own discretion of course!?did i forget 300 watt in your face attitude!?help me "W" you SOB!?you promised!?hehe!?defiance rules the planet thanks to the mr. presbin!?just askin.........

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