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    Nigerian Connection fired up again!

    Well the Nigerians are at it again. I received one of their letters months ago about how a relative of the deceased has now been found and there is a huge bank account that they are willing to split with you? well you can imagine my surprise when within one day of each other I recieved this same type of letters that refers you to an article from the news that makes no mention of this relative no one knew about till today. In my case I have had three relatives that have all died in plane crashs and one in a ferry accident with no next of kin except you I'm told. My relatives are dropping like flies. They also work out of england for contacts to send money to. My Lawyer say's they don't charge up front for an estate settlement and there are no middle men just the attorney collecting after the estate is settled. Careful I have been threatened in the past by these guy's and so report here any E-Mails addressed to you reporting the death of relatives you have not heard of or retrieving money with your help. This is the best way to take the wind from their sails. Johnny B.

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    Re: Nigerian Connection fired up again!

    Holy ****... when will these asshats learn :mad:
    I got a letter from some douche from nigeria and im currently giving him the runaround :D
    I'm banned again and I'm not coming back.

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