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    Global Mail Express?

    This was in one of our local newspapers today and I was wondering if anyone ever had any dealings with them?

    General Package Processing Assistant Are you employed? Or are you looking for the job? Anyway try us! Our company looking for freelance workers. Easy! Process the correspondence from our clients and earn up to 3k / month. Info: http://globalmailexpress.net/line/vacancies

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    Re: Global Mail Express?

    I would't touch it. Also, I wouldn't touch any job that was not located in my country. This one appear, repeat, appear to be located in finland.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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    Re: Global Mail Express?

    The domain registration details give some clues:

    Registration Service Provided By: IDG HOST
    Contact: +380.507484184


    Den Brown (admin@globalmailexpress.org)
    47 str, 87
    New York
    New York,12212
    Tel. +001.41512475678

    Creation Date: 18-Apr-2006
    Expiration Date: 18-Apr-2007

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Administrative Contact:
    Den Brown (admin@globalmailexpress.org)
    47 str, 87
    New York
    New York,12212
    Tel. +001.41512475678

    Technical Contact:
    Den Brown (admin@globalmailexpress.org)
    47 str, 87
    New York
    New York,12212
    Tel. +001.41512475678

    Billing Contact:
    Den Brown (admin@globalmailexpress.org)
    47 str, 87
    New York
    New York,12212
    Tel. +001.41512475678

    Domain servers are idghost.com. A bit of Googling shows that this is connected with a well-known Russian (or possibly Estonian) crime ring. Note that the domain has been registered through a company in Estonia.

    The site is hosted on which belongs to HopOne Internet. Another Google search shows that this has a long, long history of running scams and other frauds on this particular server, and also alleged child pornography sites. It's incredible to believe that HopOne permits this sort of thing to go on.. you can only speculate as to the relationship between HopOne and the scammers.

    FYI, the server currently hosts the following sites:

    • aboutpc.net
    • aderente.net
    • atlon.org
    • cash-out.biz
    • crackandserial.com
    • credoltd.com
    • crisslike.com
    • crystal-engine.com
    • crystal-office.net
    • crystal-support.com
    • crystal-systems.org
    • delgbest.biz
    • delgbest.com
    • dnipro.biz
    • ecomers.net
    • ecommers.net
    • fikrataliyev.com
    • filosof.info
    • floristika.net
    • g00dwin.com
    • globalmailexpress.net
    • globaltransmanagement.com
    • good-load.com
    • guarex.com
    • idg-news-updater.com
    • idghost.com
    • incembedinc.com
    • instantexchange.biz
    • landz.info
    • mafia-software.com
    • microcoft.info
    • mk-game.net
    • mtb-forum.net
    • nurevent.com
    • paidprofits.com
    • quartussupport.com
    • rasimsafe.com
    • revallution.com
    • rt-host.us
    • samaraautoclub.org
    • satros.info
    • siddh.org
    • silencedead.com
    • soso4ka.com
    • sts-az.com
    • sysadmins-tlt.org
    • tampliers.org
    • traders-gmbh.com
    • tradetransgroup.com
    • varnoff.com
    • varnoff.net
    • varnoff.org
    • waterengines.net
    • wearethewiners.com
    • web-brand.net
    • web-programmer.net
    • webbystyle.com
    • winerssystem.com

    Almost all of these are likely to be engaged in some sort of fraud (although there may be a couple of legitimate sites listed).

    So yeah.. it's got SCAM written all over it.

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