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    Re: Xtreme Fuel Treatment

    It is funny I stumbled on this thread. I received a box of this stuff and it has been in the garage for a year now. I like going to the dollar store for the octane booster. $1 and I get a little more pep when I am passing. I am nervous about using this stuff. The gist seems if you have a new car, no difference. But if you have an old Corvette or something like that it might be a good idea once a month, not all the time. Am I wrong?

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    Re: Xtreme Fuel Treatment

    Xtreme fuel treatment is not a scam!! We have been using the product for almost 2 years now! In my household we have an average fuel savings of 20% and I will continue to use XFT. The business model is also amazing for anyone who want to make an extra income. If you want to know more please ask?

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