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    Driver Detective scam! www.drivershq.com

    Driver Detective drivershq.com
    This company is a scam. thir product is fake. After they tricked me to install their software on my computer to find the drivers I was missing, The software said it found all the missing drivers, and I must purchase it to be able to install Them. After I purchased the software, tried and they did not have all the drivers promised. I tried again to use it a year latter and they said they found all the drivers again but they wanted me to purchase it again. they said it has expired and I need to buy the software again. It was never stated that I was purchasing a subscription. But after the fact , a year latter they tell me that. But the bottom line is that this company lies and tricks people. And the software does not deliver the promise. Stay clear of them.

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    Re: Driver Detective scam! www.drivershq.com

    Driver detective is a scam. It does absolutely nothing, the contact numbers are bogus, they have double charged me.Requested refund and they stopped all communications. I then tried to call again, again nothing but recordings. They have more than one webb site all under different names. I am now in the process of filing a claim of fraudulents against them.BAD BUSINESS

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