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    QuakePrediction.com Google Ad Scam, Luke Thomas

    I've had enough of this guy being on my local news channel for this earthquake crap, he BELONGS on Scam.com somewhere, thanks -


    Based on weather, temperature profiles, and frictional heating, Luke Thomas of Jupiter, Florida predicts quakes with his Website QuakePrediction.com. These quakes sometimes hit, and sometimes not.
    Luke Thomas was seen on ABC7 in Los Angeles talking about how it is done, however the elements just do not add up. Luke Thomas is throwing darts at a dartboard and when one hits he calls it a success. There is no actual scientific evidence that surface temperature can affect the ground miles below for an earthquake. For a credible station like ABC7 to allow this interview to take place has crushed the credibility in the eyes of many.

    Full article -


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    Re: QuakePrediction.com Google Ad Scam, Luke Thoma

    What a total nonsense. If you cry earthquake in California every few days, you may guess right eventually. I love that "Awards" section does not have any "Awards".

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