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    webdesigns-plus.net aka WebDesigns Plus Inc SCAM?

    I have a resume on Monster.com and some other job boards and I got this in my email box this morning. I would like to have this job but is it real or a scam as I don't have any money to loose and I read about some of these type of things being scams. Is the maybe scam site in the email www.webdesigns-plus.net
    lookup http://whois.domaintools.com/webdesigns-plus.net and it was created April 12 10(yesterday)
    I did look up the name on google and got these similar places. http://webdesign-plus.com lookup - http://whois.domaintools.com/webdesign-plus.com )

    http://www.webdesignsplus.net lookup - http://whois.domaintools.com/webdesignsplus.net I dunno if they are related?

    Here is the Application

    New Position Available for you. Resume has been reviewed by our department and you qualify for a position with our company:
    Payments Manager/ Payment Processing Services
    Job ID: 7330197306
    Base Salary: $65,000-$75,000
    Position Type: Full-Time/Part Time Employee
    Experience: 0-1 Years Experience
    Applicant Email: removed
    Location: Your Area
    Job Category: Accounting
    Bonuses: Yes
    Date Posted: April 10, 2010

    Job Summary:
    Someone who can manage our US business until we will be able to open offices over there. Should be dynamic and open for ideas and suggestions. Exposure and knowledge of working in Internet savvy environment is a prerequisite for the job. Strong communication, are must.
    Job Description:

    All details about this can be found at: http://webdesigns-plus.net/acc_payable.html
    Read them carefully and if you agree we can start right away!. You can apply directly on our page.
    Ignacio Torres

    Is this a scam and can someone investigate more thanks.
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    Re: webdesigns-plus.net aka WebDesigns Plus Inc SC

    Back in 2005 I fell for a similar type of position that was launched by a company in Russia. When I received the first two checks in the mail I immediately verified the legitimacy of the checks. I contacted both individuals who sent me the checks and as it turned out one bought gold bullion from me and the other bought a musical instrument from me on ebay. Up until this day I had never even been on ebay to buy or sell but lo and behold I was registered for several years and had excellent reviews as a seller. When I told this Russian company that I would no longer work for them and would expose their Scam they somehow managed to attack my computer with a virus. I have been in technology for two decades and had never been infiltrated like that before. I received the same email that you did this morning and I will not give it any attention. If it isn't what I have mentioned then chances are that the checks will be bad and you will end up holding the bag. I understand your position. I have been out of work for over a year now and am desperate to find something but this is not the answer. You will either be screwing some of your fellow Americans or will end up getting screwed yourself. As a Christian I believe that honesty will prevail and somehow both you and I will receive employment as a result of remaining honest. Who knows? Perhaps even someone out there will see this dialogue and consider hiring us. Please take my advice and tread carefully with this. God Bless!

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    Re: webdesigns-plus.net aka WebDesigns Plus Inc SC

    There is no such thing as a payment or check processing job.

    They are ALWAYS scams.
    Online Scam Reviews at IveTriedThat.com

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    Re: webdesigns-plus.net aka WebDesigns Plus Inc SC

    You've got a spectacular flash site along with impressive layout, images, navigation along with almost everythingthat is certainly visually captivating however in the event the font size along with styleare a few things definitely not eye friendly it follows that each of the attempts to deliver the website design to its expected audience is going to be in jeopardy.

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