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    Please, I need information about imperial invest. Are they too sammers or not?

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    Re: Imperialinvest.net

    http://imperialinvest.net/ is not a working site. just a holding page.

    Record dates:
    Record created on: 2007-08-16 07:56:50 UTC
    Record modified on: 2010-03-12 01:10:39 UTC
    Record expires on: 2011-08-16 UTC

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    Re: Imperialinvest.net

    http://www.imperiainvest.net/ perhaps this one?



    In conclusion it is to say that a TEP investor can receive a loan of 80,000 US$ with a one-time investment of US$ 50. Plain And simple. This loan should be used for trading on the financial markets emphatically. We have created a proper platform for that issue to give you daily profits of 1.2%, which are guaranteed by money market arbitrage situations.

    You have to do only our TEP policy paperwork online once and fill in a online form to qualify and have your claims on the profits.

    Restrictions for people who are younger than 18 and older than 65 years are on, but those people can built a downline and receive comission fees on this. They do not have to fill a TEP policy though.

    After approval of your TEP policy, which is as online form, your loan of 80,000 US$ in your account on the portal will be working immediately - without any doubts - as soon as your policy online form is being filled in and delivered back to us in good order by E-mail. After this step your profits run smoothly with 1.2% daily on your trading account. These yields will be compounded for 6 months.

    After accomplishing this, you will receive a paper TEP Policy to sign and deliver it back to us by postal service. Along with a trustee contractual paperwork, you als have to sign as a guarantee to receive your profits.


    TEP Police: 100%

    TEP nominal amount + 320.000,00 US-Dollar

    Capital / Loan value / Bank loan: 60%

    TEP value + 192.000,00 US-Dollar

    Capital split (60%):

    Bank fees / processing fees - 1.400,00 US-Dollar

    Trustee fees / processing fees - 3.000,00 US-Dollar

    Reinvesting TEP - 90.000,00 US-Dollar

    Referral bonus 8 level deep - 17.600,00 US-Dollar

    Entire costs - 112.000,00 US-Dollar

    Capital / Trade Preparation:

    Forex / Arbitrage Capital + 80.000,00 US-Dollar

    Profit Target after 6 months* ** ca. + 335.000,00 US-Dollar

    * Profit Target: 1,2% daily payouts with 100% compounding option
    ** Profit Target may vary/differ +/- 5%
    Daily Profits per banking days will be credited to your account
    looks like crap to me. 1.2% a day? Obama should invest and get enough money to pay for healthcare for the whole world.
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    Re: Imperialinvest.net

    If by sammers you mean they went belly up like all other Ponzi schemes that offer similar returns? It looks this way.

    In conclusion it is to say that a TEP investor can receive a loan of 80,000 US$ with a one-time investment of US$ 50. Plain And simple.
    Oh it is plain and simple. If you believe for a second in this "accounting formula", you will never keep any money in your pocket. There will always be somebody who will offer you a "deal" and leave you penniless.
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    Re: Imperialinvest.net

    the crappy webhost responsible for this one:

    OrgName: WeHostWebSites.com
    OrgID: WEHOST-1
    Address: 1801 California Street
    Address: Suite 240
    City: Denver
    StateProv: CO
    PostalCode: 80202
    Country: US

    OrgAbuseName: Abuse Department
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-303-414-6910
    OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@wehostwebsites.com

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