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    Seems lots of people had troubles with this company.
    I also had troubles with them. I made a reservation online and payed. When i arrived in the hotel, the manager told me they had receive nothing from Reservations Europe and they even didn't knew them...
    I tried to get my money back but no way...
    I did a blog for that, the only purpose is to show future customer this isn't a serious company when they do a google search.
    My blog is reservationseurope.blogspot.com
    It seems lots of people already had troubles with them... How to stop that kind of company ?

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    Re: reservationseurope.com

    dear friend,

    the problem it's not just you have being riped off also it might make you lose confident for any online sellers!!

    now it's the most easy way to steal people using the internet blogs fake website to steal money.

    and a lot of people been confused it's looks real and they have contact us what so ever,

    i mean do this people have a real job? or they just set 24 hours behind the desk stealing people?!!

    it's really sometimes hard to tell,

    that why we should be more careful.
    and give a very good attention so we not get riped off and lose.

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