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    WOW Mortgage Relief

    Has anyone heard of Wow Mortgage Relief? Is it Legitimate???

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    Re: WOW Mortgage Relief

    Here's a better question:

    Are any loan modification companies legit? After all, mortgage companies will lose their paperwork just like they lose yours.

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    Mortgage rates

    I just read that Mortgage Rates at This Year's Low, Thanks to Greek Chaos. Here is the link:http://www.housingwatch.com/2010/05/...to-greek-chaos

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    Re: WOW Mortgage Relief

    Has anyone ever gotten money back from Discount Mortgage Relief ? I read that a lot of people have filed complaints and going to sue, but I don't see where anyone has gotten their money back.

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    Re: WOW Mortgage Relief

    I work in the Customer Service Department of Mortgage Relief, LLC (www.wowmortgagerelief.com), formerly Discount Mortgage Relief. Every client signs a contract at the initiation of services; most clients who have not received refunds from our company are in breach of contract. The remaining clients who have not received a refund must wait for our Customer Solutions Department to conduct and conclude an investigation into the file, determining if the client is in fact, in breach of contract. (It's surprising how many clients are not forthcoming with pertinent financial information affecting their eligibility for a mortgage modification!) Unfortunately sometimes this process is a lengthy one, but its purpose is to protect our interests, as well as our clients'. I hope this information has helped :)

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