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    Exploranda.com is a website where you can supposedly rent a vacation apartment. This service is a scam. I own a vacation rental apartment, and I found it listed there -- without my permission! They lifted the language and photos from a legitimate rental agency site that we use (we have an exclusive contract with the agency), and put all of it on their site, illegally. They ask people to pay via PayPal. I'm not sure what they do after someone makes a reservation and pays, because they don't have keys to the apartment! I have also seen our apartment listed on *****slist, with the url directing people to exploranda.com. Be very careful when you rent a vacation apartment. My advice is to use a credit card and make sure someone will meet you at the apartment to hand you the keys in person, not through the mail.

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    Re: exploranda.com

    Massimiliano Demata
    Via Castelfidardo, 33
    FIRENZE, FI 50137

    Domain name: EXPLORANDA.COM

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 28-Dec-2009.
    Record expires on 10-Jan-2011.
    Record created on 10-Jan-2007.

    Domain servers in listed order:

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    Re: exploranda.com

    They ask people to pay via PayPal. I'm not sure what they do after someone makes a reservation and pays
    The scammer runs to his bank to withdrawal the cash the victim deposited via paypal. Paypal will only get the victim's money back if there is money in the receiver's bank account to take and the scammer is not going to leave cash lying around in that account. Then the scammer sends a series of emails to the 'renter' that go something like this:

    Manager/neighbor/person with the keys is sick/in hospital/incapacitated. Or pipe burst/electrical issues/flood/fumigation and the apartment is unrentable. Would the 'renter' like the money put towards another week? Then a series of emails negociating, complaining, problems, delaying tactics. When the refund request comes, there are more problems. A 'refund' will take 6-8 weeks, bank problems, paypal issues, accountant is sick, whatever the scammer can think of as an excuse. Then the scammer changes email addresses and does it all over again.

    When the 'renter' realises they were conned, they could look up the owner of the property, you, and think you were a part of the scam. The legitimate rental agency you use needs to watermark their photos with their website address right across the picture or have them remotely hosted. That agency should also put a warning on their site that they are not affiliated with Exploranda or c raigslist postings. If your pictures were stolen, others were probably taken from that site. That agency needs to be told what has happened and that problems could arise in the future from upset 'renters' not realising that you and that agency are also victims.
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    Re: exploranda.com

    I am writing on behalf on Exploramda.com.

    We have just been informed about the defamatory claims regarding our company appeared on the website scam.com.

    We would like to specify as follows:

    1. Expolranda.com is NOT involved in any scam of any kind. As a company we pride ourselves of the high standards of customer care and proven record with both clients (tourists), partners and properties owners from all over the world.

    2. in the specific case of an apartment in Paris which appeared erroneously in Exploranda.com we would like to point out that at the time we had more requests for rentals in Paris than we could fulfill. We contacted other agencies and partners looking for possible alternative properties on the market. One of such companies (Parler Paris Apartment) offered us several properties to show our clients. One of such properties information was posted on our website rather than forwarded to our clients. This was a simple clerical mistake in procedure but absolutely NOT a scam of any sort.

    3. We had no problem whatsover with the company "Parler Paris Apartment" which had shown complete support and professionality. Furthermore all our communication are kept on file and can prove that such properties were indeed offered in response to queries from our clients.

    4. As a company we strive to avoid any possible error as the one described here but we can not accept the remarks included in the scam.com thread on exploranda.com.
    We have never had dealings with such 'Meri Widow' whose defamatory and damaging entry on the thread is totally false. We therefore demand that all accusation and comments on such thread are retracted immediatelty.

    A copy of this communication will be forwarded to our legal representative.

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