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    Apex Investments Corporation NY


    Apex make a ridiculously high offer for your shares. They ask you to phone the share registrar using contact details supplied by them. The "registrar" will then tell you you need to exercise some (non-existent) irrevocable 2 for 1 share warrant options before you can sell the shares. You need to do this through him, with the funds going to an offshore account for tax reasons! In my case the company involved was Companies West, but there may be others. They also use Chelsea International Consultants of Geneva as a supposed escrow agent. Their web site listed the same person who I spoke to at the registrar's as a director until recently when his name but not his picture changed! I suspect all the peoples' names used may be false. They set up a dummy web site for the registrar, Knightsbridge Assurance, using the correct address but different phone no. This has since been shut down since I contacted the genuine registrar, who does not have a website.
    A look at the profiles of the people named on the web site should ring alarm bells especially when running a check against the companies they have allegedly worked for, so few people should fall for this, but it is a novel approach.

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    Re: Apex Investments Corporation NY

    Apex Investments Corporation is a very reputable company. We know who are know writing all slander all over the internet about our established company. Did someone offer you more money for your shares and part of the deal was to bad mouth us? Well our lawyers will be contacting you shortly there are laws against what you are doing.

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    Re: Apex Investments Corporation NY

    The following link gives more information:


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