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    Global Net Warehouse

    I'm not sure if this is a scam or not, but somebody called me from global net warehouse, I must have signed up on the internet. They are a wholesale company, and I would be marketing there website. There are two websites, www.sullysshopplace.com and www.jacksonsdiscountmall.com. I wonder if I could have somebodys opinion on this. Thanks.

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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

    Run For The Hills!!!!!

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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

    Global Net Warehouse is a huge scam. They took $6,500 from my account unauthorized for advertising cost. We never ordered advertising cost. They told us they needed our account information to be put on the proprosal and then we would have to sign and authorize it. We never signed it. 3 days later the money was out of our account. We were told that we were locked into advertising with them we have been demanding our money back for 3 months now and promised a refund, but our money has not been returned. Also, the company never even did advertising with the money they took from us. In addition, they have cancelled our website even though we were on a 12 month contract - even though we only had it for 3 months. We are fighting for our refund even now. We have already reported them to the Federal Trades Commission, Better Business Bureau and submitted our story to media outlets. We have contacted an attorney in regards to this and are on our way to sueing. In addition I am trying to rally up all of us that have been scammed by this company to get a class action suit against Global Net Warehouse.

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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

    You know what they say about first impressions.

    I wouldn't pay these guys a nickel for their product.

    Research those domains, you will notice that they all point to GNW, llc - which I didn't find listed by the Secretary Of State in either AZ, NV or CA - so, buyer beware!


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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

    Actually cuisinman, the AZ corporation commission has them listed but NOT in good standing. (http://www.azcc.gov/index.htm - scroll down and select Annual Reports on the left) The AZ corporate information shows the members and their location but it may not be current.

    I sort of stumbled across them because they apparently have a new venture called Adriatic Services which offers custom websites and marketing at ridiculously high prices. Checked their whois then the corp comm. and then ran a Yahoo search for GNW,LLC and here I am. They are now starting to branch out through affiliate sites it seems. Lhglobalmarketing.com sure looks like a mirro image of Adriaticservices.com but registered to a different "company".

    Personally I'd stay away from the who mess.

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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

    Quote Originally Posted by scambuster
    Run For The Hills!!!!!
    Short, sweet and to the point!!!

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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

    Same here with Ms. Donna....you can believe her or him if you want! You'll be looking for him or her later on, and I dont want to see you on the news with a case on your hands!!! Cool?!?!? Good!!!!

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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

    Comment to follow.
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    Re: Global Net Warehouse

    I just wrote an extensive explanation of my research, finding 3 mirror corporations all doing business at Global Net warehouse's address 225 W. University Drive #102, but then somehow it would not let me submit, even though I already was signed on. Argghhh! :mad:
    My fuller explanation of what happened to me -- I lost $9,999.00 for the Global Net warehouse's so called "marketing plan" -- and had absolutely no results whatsoever -- can be found at http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff244369.htm .
    Bottom line - without re-inventing my wheel, I would like to join in a class action suit. Does anyone know anything about this?
    There is still someone at 225 W. University Drive #102, as they started to refuse my certified mail, return receipt requested. So I hired a Tempe process server to hand-deliver my certified mail to them. The process server said that 225 W. University Drive is simply a "boiler room" telemarketing operation.
    I would really like to connect with people seriously interested in class action suit or other action against this company. I can also share my extensive research into the Arizona Corporation Commission, so we can try to figure out who is/are the appropriate parties to sue. We also need a good attorney who can pierce the corporate veil on the LLC. It should not be too hard with these sloppy scumbags.

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