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Thread: WIC Scam

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    WIC Scam

    This has happened to me twice, so I'm wondering if someone else can verify that it's a scam. A woman approaches a shopper in the grocery store and says something like, "My baby needs medicine but I don't have enough money for the prescription. I'll buy your groceries with my WIC card if you give me the cash." I believe this is illegal as WIC isn't supposed to be converted to cash. Any ideas?

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    Re: WIC Scam

    yes, its fraud. the baby gets necessary medicine thru medicaid. they need cash to buy drugs.

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    Re: WIC Scam

    Yes, it is illegal. WIC is only to be used by the recipient. The selling or using of the card by someone else can get both of you arrested.

    As mumbles says, the person just wants cash to purchase items not covered by WIC such as illegal drugs and tobacco. You can call the person's bluff by saying something like, what is baby's name? Then walking to the pharmacy counter and asking if there is a prescription under that name for a child.
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