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    MassHealth insurance eligibility enrollment center

    I am on Medicaid, unemployed, and handicapped.

    I received a notice from MassHealth asking to complete an eligibility renewal form, after being enrolled for a year.

    I filled it out, and dropped it in the mail two days later. It gave me two months.

    I went to pick up a prescription for my prescription, and soon found out when I called MassHealth the next day, they "have had a lot of problems with the Revere eligibility processing center losing forms" under the lady's breath. This was third person I spoke to.

    I asked if I could receive coverage while I awaited an appeal, and said no.

    Now I'm waiting what may take a few months before I can get an appeal, and continue to wait a week now for a supervisor to return her voicemail, which I left I left while she "stepped out of the office."

    Ran into someone recently at a State office who's disabled as well, and he said he mailed it in day after he received it— same scam story— they lost it, claimed he never sent it, and deny his coverage.

    how you know you're dealing with a sketchy agency: you have to send things certified mail.

    They know they can get away with this, because Medicaid is for the poor, and the disabled poor are easier to pick on and throw them off their wheelchairs.

    Oh, and there's no ombudsman for Medicaid, but is one for rich folks with private plans in MA.

    So I have to appeal my case to the same folks who beat me up and spat over me, and beg on my knees I be forgiven for doing exactly what they've told me to do.

    Revere processing center is infamous for losing eligibility renewal forms, and then kicking people off who sent it on time. It's some outsourced firm, I believe.

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    Re: MassHealth insurance eligibility enrollment ce

    I hope you can help me. I've sent in 3 renewal forms. Each time When we called to check my status they said they never received them. As of October 27th they cut my benefits. I am completely disabled with Muscular Dystrophy with a ventilator and require full-time care which is paid through MassHealth. To keep my staff from quiting I'm paying out-of-pocket. I can no longer pay them and will need leave home to go to a state facility. What can I do? Please can you help me?

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