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    Exile Restaurant Group, Pierre Moran, Bob Tam

    Exile [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Restaurant[/COLOR][/COLOR] Group, LLC and its representatives, including Pierre Moran Bob Tam, and Mimi Tam were sued for fraud, misrepresentation, intellectural property theft, in addition to other charges. They were found liable (Maricopa County Justice Courts, Arrowhead Justice Court, Case #CC2009402525). They lost judgment and were ordered to pay the plaintiff damages. They are doing everything in their means not to pay the judgement.

    Anyone considering doing [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]business[/COLOR][/COLOR] with this company, or these individuals, should be very careful and consider other options.

    I am posting this (scam) in hopes of preventing other businesses from becoming victim to this "company" and its members.

    If you have specific questions about this case, or other cases against Exile Restaurant Group LLC and it's representatives, please feel free to contact me directly at jgphx@hotmail.com.

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    Jon Graham's Lies

    This claim was made by a guy that is just looking for a way to make a quick buck and is upset because he did not get his way. The following is the exact letter that was sent into the court and to Jon Graham so people can make there own opinion about the situation. Jon graham was protested against by former employee's for non payment and has a bad track record which is available on public records by checking the Maricopa County records which are online. We have not lost any judgment against Jon Graham and our company knows that it is impossible for him to prove as all judgment are public record and there is none of his nonexistent win. He tried to file a small claims court claim on us and this was our response. Our company could of sued him because he did not pay us and wrote us many bad checks, but we want nothing to do with him... please read the following:

    Pierre ******- Member/Manager

    Bob ***-Member




    Exile Restaurant Group LLC

    ******** Ave

    Phoenix, AZ *****

    My name is Pierre ***** and I speak
    in behalf of Exile Restaurant Group LLC and its members. On the day of July 3rd
    2009 I received a certified letter for a court summons for small claims court
    and the following is the “Defendant’s Answer” in behalf of Exile Restaurant
    Group LLC. Exile Restaurant Group LLC referred to as “Exile” for all intents
    and purposes in the following. Mr. Jon M Graham will be referred to as “Graham”
    for all intents and purposes in the following. The restaurant “Satara Thai
    Cuisine” for which Exile’s provided [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]consulting [COLOR=blue ! important]services[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] will be referred to as
    “Satara” for all intents and purposes in the following.

    Attached to the summons was a piece of paper that made a
    claim Exile is liable and that Mr. Jon M Graham is seeking the maximum allowed
    suit as allowed by Maricopa County Justice Courts, Small Claims Court $2,000.
    It stated the following reasons:



    3.“Theft of Intellectual Property”

    4.“Breach of Contract/Non- Performance”

    5.“Outstanding Food/Beverage Bills”

    Exile contacted Graham at his restaurant Satara on Monday
    April 27th 2009 over the phone, at that time and after a brief
    conversation, Graham agreed to set a meeting with Exile at Satara on the day of
    Monday May 4th at 2:00pm with Mr. ***** and Mr. ***. Upon arrival, Graham
    and Mr. *****/Mr. *** conducted a formal sit down meeting to discuss the
    services that Exile was able to provide to Graham’s struggling restaurant.
    Exile proceeded to conduct an assessment of the scope of work that needed to be
    done to “advise” Jon on how to potentially improve the health of his business
    Satara. Exile also discussed the mechanic and other liens on the property
    “Satara”. During the preliminary assessment many questions were asked to Graham
    about his business and what he thought his needs were. These are some of the
    relevant documented things that Graham said during the meeting on May 4th

    ·Is a night club owner is Asia

    ·The size
    of the restaurant Satara was est. 3,100 square feet

    ·5-5-5 year lease term NNN(triple net)

    ·Liens were being paid

    ·Everything is financially fine with Satara and Graham’s
    overall financial situation

    ·Felt his concept may not be approachable on the
    west side of town (Peoria)

    ·Restaurant’s monthly gross revenue $45,000

    ·$200,000 in debt and in “no rush to pay”

    ·Good relationship with [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]vendors[/COLOR][/COLOR] and employees

    ·Interested in improving Satara and growing sales
    along with quality of food

    Based on the what Graham stated Exile felt that working with
    Graham we would be able to ”Advise” him on how to better fine tune the brand,
    implement systems, evolve the food and improve the general knowledge of Graham
    and his [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]employees[/COLOR][/COLOR]. At the conclusion of the meeting on May 4th 2009
    Graham agreed to meet later that week with Exile on Thursday May 7th
    2009 to present his decision to contract Exile to provide consulting services
    for Satara. On Thursday May 7th between Graham and Mr. *****, which
    at that time Graham was presented a “Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement” and
    Mr. ***** read through and explained to Graham, which then he proceeded to fill
    out, initials three times, fill all the required information, dated and signed
    as he also did with “Restaurant consulting proposal contract”. Graham was then
    given copies of the agreements and work began on Friday May 8th
    2009. During the time that Exile provided consulting services for Graham/Satara
    many of the information that Graham provided to Exile early on proved to be
    false and his situation including that of the restaurant Satara proved to be in
    dire need of restructuring and [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]investment[/COLOR][/COLOR] of capital. Contrary to what Graham
    states Exile feels that we never misrepresented ourselves in any way, shape or
    form and in over 3 years of investing, operating and providing consulting
    services “Exile” have never been accused of any allegations like the claims
    that Graham is making. Exile is proud of our [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]team [COLOR=blue ! important]members[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] and collective
    talents that we bring to our restaurant and clients. .

    Exile was stated on the contract that would provide 40 hours
    a week worth of consulting services for 30 days and Exile went above and beyond
    to attempt to provide the best advice/service as possible for Graham and Satara
    but many factors out of the control of Exile corrupted the process. The
    consulting contract clearly states the scope of service that we planned on
    providing and Graham knowingly signed it which eliminates liability from Exile.
    Graham states that Exile “failed to provide computer system as agreed” I
    challenge Graham to in any way find and prove in the consulting agreement that
    he signed where Exile agreed to do so. Exile as a favor to create better
    organization and systems programmed micros POS E7 and trained the staff at Satara
    on its use. Graham’s claim against Exile is just an obvious attempt to slander
    by saying things like “ the office is nothing more than a run down house in
    phoenix” which is not the case at all. I am not sure that where our mail gets
    delivered to has to do with the issues at hand which are Graham’s (the

    ·Lack of business etiquette

    ·Inability to [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]pay [COLOR=blue ! important]bills[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] on time because of over
    spending on living outside of his means

    ·Liens on the property because failure to pay
    every one from the GC to the company that made the signage for Satara

    ·Inability to maintain staff because of the
    inability to pay them on time and know pay days according to state labor laws

    ·Inability to stock and order wine because
    companies will not accept checks because of numerous “bounced checks” written
    by Graham which Exile can prove in court

    ·Dishonesty of scope issues that needed to be dealt

    ·Lack of organizational skills

    ·Lack of leadership

    ·Lack of follow through

    ·Backed property rent payments

    ·Pending lawsuits against Graham from people that
    he swindled

    ·Pending civil cases for non payment of employees

    ·Lack of paying state or other taxes which will
    compound the situation at Satara

    ·Arizona State Liquor board violations on file

    ·The writing of so many bad check that the bank
    sent Graham a letter stating that it was getting to the point of being

    There are many more facts that can be stated about Graham but
    the fact of the matter is that we are at this point because Exile made a choice
    to dissociate and default Graham because of:

    ·Emails asking to “sit on the check for a few days”
    meaning do not deposit because of lack of funds

    ·The consulting contract Graham signed stated a
    payment of $600 to be billed biweekly which the correct amount was never paid
    and Exile has bank copies of the checks for $500 which means he was in non compliance/breech
    of the contract

    ·A returned check “NSF” for $500 for payment owed
    to Exile which is when Exile met with Graham to explain the severity of the
    situation not only with Exile but overall how he needed to create positive

    ·Not following through with everything from
    calling POS tech support, paying vendors and many other things

    ·Illegally funneling money through the Satara
    bank [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]account[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    ·Stealing from his employees to maintain his
    unsustainable lifestyle

    Exile could do what Graham is attempting and slander but our
    company chooses to state facts that can be proved with written statements,
    legal documents, returned check and anything that the court would need to
    verify how Graham is the fraud and just trying a sad attempt to use the court
    system to continue to rip people off. A prime example is a lady that is suing
    Graham for fraud and theft of $75,000 besides other things out of New Mexico
    which is willing to be present in Exile’s [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]court [COLOR=blue ! important]date[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]. Jon has judgments against
    him out of South Dakota, California, Arizona and the list goes on with more
    pending. Unlike Graham’s attempt to slander we mention these facts about Graham
    to show his character and true intentions. The claim “running up of food and beverage bills” is just
    another attempt to slander Exile for personal gain. Graham stated the theft of
    intellectual property (recipes) which we challenge because of the fact that Mr.
    ****** of Exile redesigned the menu completely and therefore Satara has no
    ownership, also because of the fact that Graham should refer to the
    Confidentiality/non-discloser agreement he signed which gives ownership of
    anything created by Exile team members to Exile and was not intended to hold
    exile liable for anything. In essence Graham and Satara are illegally in
    possession of intellectual property belonging to Exile. Also Exile has not used and has no need to use any of the menu that was created moving forward as all restaurants are unique. Graham has continued to
    use the following things that Exile advised Graham to implement:

    ·The completely new menu items on the menu that
    were developed by members of Exile

    ·Dinner menu designed and developed by Exile

    ·Desert menu designed and developed by Exile

    ·Front of the house redesign

    ·Lunch menu designed and developed by Exile

    ·Order of service

    ·Organization of back logged [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]invoices[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    ·Preliminary book keeping services

    ·Programmed POS

    ·infusing alcohol

    ·Face book, MySpace, twitter and an entire
    marketing strategy

    ·Staff flow and training

    ·New layout of kitchen equipment for better flow
    and effentaincy

    There are many more things to be said about this claim that
    Graham is making and Exile and its members looks forward to the opportunity to
    expose the truth. The word consultant means a professional who provides “advice”
    in a particular area of expertise. It does mean someone or company that can
    save a client that can’t heed advice or understand that honesty, accountability
    and all the things relating business ethics are what will equal long term
    success. Graham feels that Exile did not accomplish 80% of our task so we
    challenge him to prove it. Exile could file a counter suit but the members
    prefer not to have any involvement with the plaintiff and have [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]no [COLOR=blue ! important]interest[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] in
    his money. Graham used exile to help improve his restaurant and when he could no
    longer pay, this is the route that he chose to take by filing a small court
    claim. Exile is not guilty and is looking forward to the day in court that we
    can present our case.

    The sad part is that Jon claims we did not improve his restaurant but the menu our compnay created along with many other things, we implimented remain in place till this day and have had a great response from dining guests...

    Pierre Moran

    Satara Thai cuisine Peoria, AZ Satara Thai cuisine Peoria, AZ Satara Holdings LLC Peoria, AZ. Watch Out For Jon Graham because you will help him and then rip you off..

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