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    Work at home job scam or not?

    I got these two sites from the radio, the actual radio guy was talking about it, not a comercial. Just wanted to no if anyone has tried them or if they are scams.




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    Re: Work at home job scam or not?

    my advice is do not pay, anybody, ever!

    a job pays you. they will tell you what to do and how much they will pay you. all these offers that want money before they tell you what it is are scams. they get to work at home, stealing your money.

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    Re: Work at home job scam or not?

    While the "host" of these radio shows is the one talking about it... make no mistake.. They ARE paid commercials. Almost everything they advertise on these shows regarding work at home can be found online for free.

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    Re: Work at home job scam or not?

    The radio announcer may have been reading a script, but it was still an advertisement.

    Looking at funsimplework site, clicking on 'contact us' brings up the address of:
    3213 W. Wheeler St #19, Seattle, WA 98199
    According to google map, that appears to be a strip mall that contains a mail box rental store called Magnolia Mail Box. I would guess that the #19 in that address is really a rented box at that store.

    Under 'FAQ' they say:
    We have been around since 1990
    But the who-is says different:
    Updated Date: 21-jul-2009
    Creation Date: 16-jul-2009
    Expiration Date: 16-jul-2010
    One year registration, why pay for longer if the owner thinks his site won't last that long.

    That picture of mailboxes is on 3 other sites according to this site: http://www.tineye.com/search/266b47e...05b50356da0a6a

    Under 'Free mailers program' it says this:
    This is not an offer of employment, but rather an opportunity to become an Independent Commissioned Mailer for our company.
    Ahh, so you mail out envelopes and if someone else pays the $35, then you get the $5 commission for sending out that one envelope.

    And this:
    You will also learn how we can help you expand your operation and raise your new income levels even higher. The possibilities are unlimited! Plus, with the “Home Workers Guide” you will receive complete information on our bonus plan. This will give you all the details on how you will receive 20% commission on every product sold to every customer that you help us generate from the order forms that you process.
    Sounds like they will spam you with other services. And the 'order form' part sounds like you are suppose to post little ads all over the internet in the hopes someone clicks on one and buys something.

    Under the '100% Money Back Guarantee' it says:
    simply return all provided materials within the first 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price, less shipping and handling
    Now that is funny, how exactly are you suppose to send back all the provided materials if the job is sending out the materials? Obviously if you send back the materials, you didn't do the work so you don't qualify for the refund. The act of sending out the materials invalidates the guarantee.

    You won't get any money back anyway because you got something for your money, a pamphlet, instructions and a payment plan. Whether or not you made money does not matter, you received exactly what they advertised, the opportunity to make money.

    I don't see any 'Terms of Use' or 'Privacy Policy' on that site, that is scary and highly suspicious.

    In the end, it looks like the kind of barely legal 'send us money for instructions on how to maybe make money by doing this and that' kind of job offer.
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    Re: Work at home job scam or not?

    datafromhome.net looks worse. No owner's name, address or phone number.

    Clicking on 'Privacy' on the bottom of the screen you get this:
    We do not allow access to personally identifiable information only to persons and entities engaging in activities permitted by this privacy policy.
    I think that means that they allow access to your data by whomever they decide is permitted access.

    Clicking on 'contact us' gets you an email address of :
    Easy to block and ignore your email sent to them.

    Clicking on 'terms' gets you this one and only sentence:
    Our Program is backed by our no-nonsense, no risk, 90 day money back guarantee! Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You will receive lifetime membership to our online job guide.
    Not sure what that sentence has to do with 'terms'. No mention of what the requirements are to get the refund or how you get a refund.

    From the who-is:
    Updated Date: 21-jan-2010
    Creation Date: 21-jan-2010
    Expiration Date: 21-jan-2011
    One year registration, always suspect, why pay for a longer one if the site won't last that long?

    That site looks like the rebate processor type job that goes something like this:
    You post up little ads
    You spam forums
    You buy google adwords
    You open a clickbank account
    Someone clicks on your ad/link
    Someone buys something
    Someone doesn't do a chargeback
    that site admits someone bought something by clicking on your ad/link
    then and only then do you get to fill out the form they are mentioning
    then you process the rebate by paying the buyer from your commission

    Again, you won't be able to get your money back because you are buying instructions on how to make money, not a physical item.
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    Re: Work at home job scam or not?

    these site's is so poor to work on

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